Wing it Wednesday!

going steady with these posts, eh?
For my very FIRST winging it Wednesday-
i think i'll just post some pics of what i've been crafting over the past few months..
i've been a busy little beaver.
(i think that's the saying anyways)

little wreaths i gave as Christmas gifts,
will be for sale shortly on my etsy store :)

pretty little picture for Valentine's Day

Christmas gift for my sister- Justine
melted wax, 3D name & oversized silver button

just a little St. Patties vignette-
i think that's the proper use for that word..
(clover sign for sale in etsy store soon!)

dead sexy dresser i made, along with some vintage-y frames
that i've picked up from yard sales & ikea

beautiful blue mason's from a yardsale-
seriously they light up my life!

working on a vintage keywall..
it's come a LONG way since this pic

possibly my fav furniture re-do
a little bedside table

coffee filter flowers- LOVE THEM!

just a few signs i made for my craft show-
simliar items for sale in the etsy store soon!

my desk at work!
So, that's that.
Just a few pics of some things i've done lately.

This weekend i'm going to Wisconsin to see my family-
i'm sure i'll have plenty of pics after that!

I'm also working on organizing the craft room
we're moving next week so i've got a lot of
cleaning/sorting/throwing out to do!!



look who's back!

Well, I think it’s safe to say that it’s been awhile! Sorry yall! I’ve been busy working, crafting and growing over the past few months & I think I’m finally ready to make a dedication to blogging again! I may not have been posting, but I promise you the crafting has NOT stopped, actually if anything it’s become more intense by about 500%. (My husband even got me to start selling my crafts so we had room to walk around our apartment!)
I’ve got a layout for how I want the blog to work, with different “themes” for each day- and tying them into what I’m doing in my everyday life. I think that this will make it easier for me to actually stay accountable to blogging & not just blog when I have free time. It’s going to go a little something like this:
Made it Monday’s- crafts that I’ve made
Teach me Tuesdays- tutorials, I’d hope that eventually I’ll have some blog friends again & they can show yall how to create things! Until then, I’ll be the tutorial giver- please, try to keep the excitement squeals to a minimal.
Wing it Wednesdays- I’ll find a topic that I feel like talking about, whether it’s what I’m working on at the moment, something I’m inspired by- etc.
Thrifted Thursdays- pictures of yard sale & thrift store finds
Frugal Fridays- this is tentative for now, but probably like how I made something that’s inspired by something a little bit more, not in my budget!
So I hope that this works out well, I’d really like to see this whole blogging and crafting thing go somewhere.. really soon. And with that said, let me show you a few pics from the craft show I sold at last month! (Soon everything will be available at my etsy site!)

Tell me what you think, leave lots of comments please! I will be stopping in on all of my old friends later! Can't wait, thanks so much for reading :)
So that’s it- here’s my 100% whole attempt at making this work.