Sorry for my lack of posts.. I've been going through a rough breakup season.
First it was with my blog, due to the sucky-ness of blogger,
second was with my hot gluegun.
(& i'll tell you, that was a sticky one..)

I had been feeling like my posts were becoming more of a chore than an alternative stress reliever so I decided to just stop. But when the blogging stopped, the crafting was still in full swing. That was until the second breakup, with my gluegun.

A few people had asked me for a tutorial for the lamp that I made recently, so I figured I'd do a nice little tutorial for my first post back. Welp, that's what I get for thinking, lead to one of the worst breakups of my life. I literally stuck my left ring finger DIRECTLY into a freshly squeezed line of VERY VERY HOT glue. (I now see why they offer low & hi temp guns..)

After the finger was insterted into the glue, lots of screaming, laughing then crying followed. I cursed at the glue gun & told it I was DONE. So, sorry Jen.. The tutorial will have to wait, my finger is currently bandaged up & refuses to go ANYWHERE near anything that has the name HOT in it.

Until then, I figured I'd leave a few pictures for aesthetic purposes.

both my supervisor & sisterinlaw are pregnant..
PERFECT bridal shower if it's a GiRL!

i'm looking for the perfect word to put above our bed,
Dream is one of the top candidates!

what a perfect picture for the "first night of summer"
i wish i could be in this picture.

So that's that. Check in soon.. The blog & I are in the trying to "work things out".. It's looking pretty good.




I've been checking projects off my "to-do list" lately, but the reason I've yet to upload them is simple.
My camera is in my car.

So until I either remember to bring my camera up, or am not too lazy to walk down to the car when I do remember, you'll have to be patient!

I posted a picture of my most recent lamp today on my facebook/twitter.

crackle paint, love it.

I got a few different requests for how I made the base and also the shade, so I'm going to do seperate tutorial posts soon! I'm bad at doing tutorial posts because I get so excited during projects that I forget to take pictures!!

Anyways, tomorrow's going to be a great day.. we are going to be VERY productive.



so excited..

((I'm so excited.. & I just can't hide it!))

Gabe & I were visiting my parents last weekend, went with 1 suitcase.. left with 4. Can someone tell me how that happens? I took some pictures that I've yet to upload because life is life, but the weekend was basically filled with eating food, shopping & eating more food. There's just something about my family, all we do is eat together.

Anyways, the suitcases that we came back with were filled with plenty of goodies such as new clothing, my jewelry making goods & a sandwich press.

A typical girl would be most excited about the picture below coming back with her:

brand new, Michael Kors watch..
such a beaut.

However, I think my excitement is equally shared with bringing the object below home:

my little precious Interlude 435.

I spent about an hour last night trying to remember how to use it,

I've already got the first project picked out, I hope it's not going to be too hard..

this beautiful little poof, found at design.sponge

Off I go to pick out the color scheme for my beauty.



ain't nothin but blue skies, baby.

I have been in constant thought about what our apartment is going to look like & something that has really been on my mind is our living room. When we first moved down here we were finding that couches were REALLY expensive & we didn't want to blow $700 for one little piece of furniture.

I.e. our couch:

$300ish from Ikea
it's just okay. it's a dark purple, brown color. it's pretty comfy, but nothing fabulous!

So I've been looking for ways that we can spruce it up, and I came across this:

Kinda boring, sorta scary that it's WHITE.. not sure how long it'd be kept that way! but it's only $50, when the colored covers are as much as the couch cost!

So we have 2 options:

Keep it white, but add blue trim.


Dye it a color & I'm LOVING this dark grey.

So that's what is on my mind these days! Any of your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Off I go to get ready for work. I'm so looking forward to saying,
"Thank you for calling Geico.
My name is Teressa Grinder & I'm happy to help you.
Can I have your policy number?",
about 100 times.