I will say that one of the qualities I have to own up to would be my indecisive-ness, if that's even a word. Before going to college, my mom never let me change my hair, so when I went to college that was the FIRST thing I started wreaking havoc on. And that continued for the next four years. Pictures below to prove it..

perm & dark..

blonde with bangs

blonder with extensions

blonde but natural length

 dark brown

highlights in the brown, on my way back to blonde

blonde with extensions

I had more pictures to put on, proving that I've literally gone from every length & color in the books, but my computer has a mind of its own & doesn't want to open amy more files.

Anyways, the MAIN point of the story is this.. I found the blog my.yellow.sandbox. & I'm regretting recently cutting all my hair off. (To get an idea you can see my profile picture on my blog..) I just found Abby's blog & liteally I'm OBSESSED! Right now she's doing a different hair style, every day, COMPELETE with tutorials, for 30 days. Seriously, this is amazing! It's going to challenge me to actually do something with my locks before I go into work! 

So, I'm not sure what you're doing here still, get on over to her blog & check out the amazing tutorials. If I still had long hair I'd be rocking DAY 18, the HAIRbow. Seriously Abby, this is amazing. You have BEAUTIFUL hair & I'm loving your blog! Thanks for inspiring me!!

Off I go to work on some more projects for our new apartment!



kitchen dreaming..

So we found a new apartment, I love everything about it.. except for the kitchen. The cabinets & counters are WHITE! so is the floor, and the doors. I am just a big fan of dark floors & dark cabinets, but I'm getting over it.

I've done some searching on the internet for white kitchens & I've found some pretty inspiration pieces:

So I think it's safe to say it's VERY possible to pull of an all white kitchen & apparently the color to use is going to be GREEN! I love everything about it, I've already started making new pieces.

See you tomorrow! Off to Geico!



i promised

I promised yall I'd be better with posting! Here's some pictures of the cabinet that I made over the past week. I used the technique found here & this is what I came up with!


In the process...


isn't she a beaut?

i took out the glass windows
& lined the inside with paper from the $1 bin at Target

Don't ask me what I plan on using her for, I haven't quite got that far yet! But I do know in our new apartment I am planning on having more of a cozy, romantic, rustic theme rather than the modern, here's-the-craft-I-just-made-vomit feel of the apartment now!

Off I go to purchase the new table that will fit PERFECTLY in our new apartment, along with grocery shopping for the first time in 3 weeks. Dont you dare judge me.




Well, as you know, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Whoops. You wouldn't believe all that I've done in the last week. I went to Wisconsin to see my family Sunday - Tuesday. I helped my mom decorate a house that's being turned into a bed&breakfast & also consumed more than a life supply of cheese & fried foods.

I returned from Wisconsin on Tuesday & worked Wednesday - Saturday, totaling about 60 hours. So you can imagine the reason for the lack of posts. I hope I'm excused.

Sunday Gabe came home from his LAST baseball trip & I'm so glad to have him back. Today we woke up very early, went apartment searching, shopped Goodwill & a furniture consignment store & watched the new Pirates movie. (it was okay..)

But anyways, I'm going to just stop typing & show all of the great finds I've picked up at Goodwill!

not sure what this is, but I liked the curves.
anyone know what it's suppose to be?

loving this lamp! i've been searching for one with great curves like this..
wonder what color i'll paint it?!

adore this blue&white stand..
I want to have a blue&white china set one day!

not sure what this is suppose to be,
but i sure do know what i'll be doing with it.

small obsession with candle sticks?

pretty little bowl,
perfect for.. something.

obsessed with the pattern on this knitted blanket!

So that's that. Come back tomorrow to see what I've made tonight. I promise to be better at blogging my friends, I want to keep gaining followers as I have been lately.

Also, I didn't forget about the GIVEAWAY! I'm just still coming up with the perfect prize.
Dontcha worry!



movin on up.

Gabe & I have spent the last 10 months making our apartment a home. We have made a lot of memories here, but it's time to move on. We already pay outrageous prices for our ONE bedroom & when it comes time to renew the lease, the price is going up $100 a month.

We will be moving on to bigger & better things, less expensive things. It's insane that almost an entire paycheck goes to our apartment. Yes, we have AMAZING amenities such as:

But, paying $300 more for a 1 bedroom than most people pay for a 3 bedroom around here, is getting very old. VERY OLD.

I've been planning out our new apartment in my head & I'm getting so very excited!
Looking back at the things that I LOVED when we moved in:

gallery walls

over-stuffed bookcases

picture/shelving gallery

I begin to realize how much my taste has changed since last August. The few things I've crafted lately can go to show that:

slightly classic, rustic & romantic.

So I've begun to start stashing photos of what I'm loving & what I want our apartment to look like.

i'm no good with the technical words,
but i love the curvy shapes mixed with the vintage feel
of the letters & colors

seriously i'm obsessed with pallets,
i've seen walls covered with them
& pallets turned into benches,
this might be my fav though.

this gives mirror image a WHOLE new meaning,
Obsessed with this wall.

So that's what has been on my mind! I've got a verrrry busy next few days. I'll post pictures of what's planned as soon as it's over!

Keep me updated, i LOVE getting comments. Makes me so very happy.



crackle paint

I just got home from work not even an hour ago & I feel like I've accomplished so much. I've made dinner, emptied the dishwasher- only to reload it with dirty dishes, fed the cat- both breakfast & dinner (whoops!) and now I've taken some pictures so I can post a quick blog!

I found a blog showing me how to make the crackle paint effect without having to purchase the expensive materials, see the post earlier this week for the tutorial. I had trouble with my first attempt with it, but the second try I got it down pretty friggen good if I say so myself. (Forgive the picture quality, it's 10:42!)

first try, not so pretty..

blurry picture, but it worked! so happy... still have to finish it before I reveal the entire beauty!
I'm seriously so happy that I can do crackle now! Yay.
Want a sneak peak into the rest of the living room?

one word: multitasking.

the view to the left, LOVE how they turned out..

view to the right, gotta have those tools ;)

 So there we go, my update! I hope to have a few more things finished before Friday. I have exciting plans for the weekend that can not be disclosed yet- but I'll be sure to post pictures!

What crafts are you working on these days?! Fill me in!



I meant to have a post today that had the projects I've been completing, however I've failed! I've been so busy crafting, I just didn't take any pictures. Then I went to the gym, ran some errands & now it's too dark out to take any decent pictures! I'll have to make up for it tomorrow.

So instead of pictures of crafts, I'll take this time to write about something that's been a HUGE deal in my life lately, my weight. Since I graduated, stopped playing soccer & got married, I have put on like 35 lbs. seriously? That's the size of a small child, or a medium sized dog.

I've always played soccer so weight was never an issue for me. What I thought was "pudge" makes what is now "pudge" look invisible.

Anyways, after about a year of me being upset about my weight & not doing anything about it for longer than a month, I'm vowing RIGHT NOW to get back on my grind. I'm going to fit in my jeans in 2 months, it's happening. END OF STORY.

I've been wanting to try out THIS cleanse for a few weeks now.. I think I can talk the husband into letting me get it! Come on, who wouldn't want to drink juice composed of spinach, kale, lettuce and celery.

So, who's with me in this journey. 40 lbs, 2 months.. that's like, 0.66lbs a day. WE GOT THIS.

xox yall.



I've been stuck in craft land for the past 24 hours, but I wanted to post the pictures of what I did last week!

Lately I've been finding so much inspiration, ie. yesterdays post, and I found two amazing lamp tutorials that I wanted to combine together to make ONE amazing lamp.

love this shad, via happy.looks.good.on.you.

UH.mazing. lamp base, via my biggest blog crush-
This is what I came up with:

isn't she a beauty?!

the details of the lamp shade

details of the lamp base

So that's that. I'm pretty dang proud of that sucker. Also, I have decorated this little lamp & I think it's pretty darn cute as well.

isn't it just as cute as can be?!

felt & fabrice rosettes
with vintage pearls & beads from jewelry

So, that's that. Making the world cuter, one lamp at a time.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow, of what I finish today!



consider me inspired..

I was so busy last week that I didn't do much of anything when it comes to being creative, or blogging, or anything. It's just been work work work & sleeping.

Gabe started the free trial of NetFlix & we have been watching Prision Break, so it's the perfect time to be crafting my little life away. Here are some pictures of what I'd like to accomplish before Tuesday.

flower vases, via chicycreations

knitted poof, via style.for.style.

a crackle finish on wood, via makethebestofthings.

painted vases, via madiganmade

silver finishing, via vintagerevivals

What have YOU had your eye on lately?! Check back for the one project I did complete last week! It will be posted tomorrow!