I have one thing I'd like to say..

I can not wait until I get home tomorrow night to start crafting. I have not crafted ONE thing this week and I am literally going through withdrawl. Be prepared for update after update. I have one week before I start work, which will be dedicated to decorating the house/crafting.. & buying "work" clothes.

That's all.



such a busy little critter..

Hello my fellow bloggers, I do apologize for taking so long to update, things have been a little crazy at the Grinder household. I am currently updating this from Pittsburg, PA, where Gabe’s family lives. We left the house at the beautiful hour of 5 am this morning, connected in Baltimore and then arrived safely in Pittsburgh this afternoon.
During the week we are planning on going into Pittsburg, to the “Strip” or something.. there’s lots of shops and outdoor vendors to go to. Also, there’s this house in Gabe’s town that looks like a castle, so I really, really want to go there.. We went by this summer but the leaves on the trees were too thick to see the house, so since there are no leaves, I’m hoping that I will be able to snap great pictures for yall!
As for what I have been up to the last few days, I’m so very excited to show yall. I have been spending lots of time using old books that we found at a thrift store, cutting them up & turning them into other things! Also, we put the Christmas tree up already! I’m not going to be embarrassed, I love Christmas time because I feel like it’s okay to totally over decorate and that’s what I am ALL about! So here are about a billion pictures, because I feel like a bad blogger and I haven’t updated in awhile.
snowflake garland- i cut out the flakes from an old book,
then hand sewed them together with red thread.
(better picture coming soon)

(remember this from like 2nd grade)
also used old book pages here,
inspired by West Elm.

close up

just cut out shapes from some book pages,
still have to "do them up"

this is the bottom half of our baby tree!

Queen Elizabeth was LOVING the boxes!

Gabey & all his hard work ;)

haha i feel like this makes me look tall ;)


this is what it looks like when the lights are on,
we need a new tree-topper though.

this is my baby.
it literally took me about 8 hours total to do,
there are over 100 hand rolled roses from old book pages.
(i have to give a shout out to the husband on this one,
he helped me glue these suckers!)

Alright bloggies, that's it for now.. House started 11 minutes ago & I really want to watch it! I'll try to keep you updated while I'm here in Pittsburg, this weather is so inpsiring for fall crafts. (Good thing we don't live in this weather because I'd be crafting 24/7.)

Also, I'd like to give a shout out to PAOLA!!! I ran into her this weekend & she admited that she reads my blog, AT WORK (tisk-tisk), so I promised her a shoutout because I love her that much. Also to Melissa over in England.. I love you, thank you for reading my blog & stalking with me. I love you & miss you terribly.




well, even though I was waiting for some comments on my last blog before I posted a new one, I JUST HAD TO POST SOMETHING.. I was on one of my favorite blogs, cupcakesandcashmere & went to the link for the store West Elm.. and from there it all just went downhill, in a positive way. I started going through some of their ornament pages & then found this video and I literally want to just craft my life away. It's 11 now, I'm only going to stay up until 1 at the latest because we have church in the morning.. but lets see what I can crank out in 2 hours.

watch the video & get inspired everyone. it's an order.



I had such a crazy day, I woke up this morning at 730 and jumped right to my long list of ambitious things to do. First I started reorganizing the den, which was once dubbed the “man cave” but I’m thinking needs to be redubbed the “woman cave”. I feel bad that it’s no longer the man cave, but the large amounts of crafts & supplies really need a home different from our kitchen table. (Not only because it looks tacky, but also because it’s set nicely for Thanksgiving.)
Gabe and I went back to Michaels, I think that’s my 3rd time this week; they actually know me there now. I returned some stuff & purchased some new things & got straight to work. The pictures that follow are what I accomplished today, and I would like to mention that I also spent some good quality time with Tiffany & Taitor tonight over tacos. It was lovely!

i made these cute little things from a tutorial i found online,
they're those little balls that fall from trees,
with bamboo skewers stuck in & covered in glitter!

here's the finished product,
they're on the table for now,
soon they will go on the Christmas Tree

I cut out "JOY" from cardboard & glittered it yesterday,
then I covered clothes pins in red glitter,
i'm going to make garland out of it!

all of my glittered projects, i think i'm good for awhile!

bought for $2.50, glittered the pot!

here's the table!
still missing place cards though!

 So there you have it bloggers, I am checked out for the day. I'll try to post some pictures of the den sometime soon.. it's not going to be anything fancy because I dont want to cover up any holes in the wall that aren't necessary. Until tomorrow, I'm sure!



Well the past few days have been filled with lots of crafting, nothing I could ever complain about! The pictures below are just a brief overview of what I have been doing the past 24 hours. I have many more pictures to come, but enjoy these for now.
Oh & we got our new kitchen table delivered today, the box was about 100 lbs, but we just put together the table, we already had the chairs from the old set. Be looking forward to more pictures very soon, I will be crafting all day tomorrow as well. Oh, I love not working J
this was just gold leaf garland,
i added red berries to it,
spruced it up nicely dontcha think?

old candle jar filled with left over black beans from the "G" i made,
covered in faux leaves, the candles in it are
part of a 10 set from William Sonoma.

the 2 white bowls that i purchased this weekend,
all filled with pinecones & other fillers from walmart.
these are going on the table

i cut out letters for "j.o.y"
planning on hanging as garland

here's what i was up to most of the day,
glittered snowflakes,
cut out & glittered the word "JOY"
as well as a Christmas tree- (the final product is SO CUTE!)

here's a rough set-up of our new table,
i wanted to set it for thanksgiving even though we wont be here.
still needs place cards & other various decorations.

Well there you have it folks, I will have many more pictures for you all tomorrow. Keep "following" me & leaving comments.. it makes me so happy to see that people actually read this!!



Thankful & Thrifty

Sweet bloggers, I am writing this blog today with soooo much joy! I know that sounds very corny, but it’s so true. I got a job today at Geico! I have been unemployed for the past few months and since we got married, neither of us have had jobs- so things have been a little rough. Anyways, I start my job December 6th, so from now until then- I will be in FULL craft mode. Once I do start my job & complete the training, I’ll work 4 days on & 3 days off, so I will still have lots of time to craft, but not as much. I think that will help me actually do more with my time since I’ll have time limits unlike now, but we’ll see. Training will be from December 6th until the end of February, so lots of it! But I am so very excited.
Okay, now on to the point of this particular blog. When I first started out blogging I came across a blog called “Suitcase Vignettes” written by a sweet woman named Dawn. I loved following her blog because she always found the best stuff at Goodwill or other flea markets, and it gave me hope that I could find great things at Goodwill as well. Up until lately, I have not had that great luck except here & there. But I finally feel that I have enough great finds from thrift stores that I can officially blog about it.
Here goes nothing:
i love this little tin can,
we don't have anything i it, but it's so cute. $3

the top of a wooden stool we purchased,
way too perfect to pass up. 

here's the full shot, $25.
we use it as a side table.

i picked this out because i liked the design,
then i realized that it's an old fashioned cig. box.

drawers for the cigs & matches,
we dont smoke, but for $1- had to have it.

pile of books to put out for the Holidays,
love the colors, ranging from $0.40-$1.00
love them!

world's cutest clock, i feel like it sells for around $30.
this is veryyy old & only cost $8.

bag of pinecones & cinnamon sticks, $1
saw the same bag for $5 at Publix

random Christmas ornaments, all under $1

2 beautiful white bowls, $5 each.
already filled them with pinecones & acorns.

So there you have it folks, a few of the finds we've gained over the past few months.. love them. Stay tuned for more crafts coming up soon, I already have some that need to be posted- but i'll keep you waiting ;)




I was just reading over my past blogs & I remembered how excited I was to start making “yarn wreaths” they were the thing that I was sure would be my new “it” thing.. Well, I am going to go ahead & give the people who make the fabulous ones a whole lot more credit than ever before because they aren’t as easy to make as you’d think. Sure, anyone can wrap yarn around a wreath, make a few flowers & stick them on… Or at least that’s what I thought. I was wrong; it’s much harder than you’d think to make them actually look great. Here’s what I came up with, not very excited- at all.
cute but nothing GLORIOUS.
def not something to sell.

here as my outfit for yesterday,
we'll find out soon if it's LUCKY!

Alright, that's it for today.. lots to do, about to head to Tampa for some shopping & fun. Lots of love bloggers.. Keep following me, i'm up to 24! HOORAY!



oh so you're fancy, ya?

Hello Bloggies, as promised- here’s another blog! While my mom was in town, we did a lot of shopping as I said previously. As I was looking through all of the bags upon bags of stuff that we got- I couldn’t figure out if we did more clothes shopping or more decorative shopping. So, I’ve decided to blog about both.
I don’t usually blog about clothes because I don’t think of myself as fashionable. I just buy things at stores & put them on when I need to. I love to get dressed up with a full face of makeup, hair done and high-heels, but the older I get the more I enjoy to just throw on sweats and be lazy with my clothes.
Lately I have had a low sense of self-worth, just being honest here, I think due to the fact that I am currently not doing much with my life, (no job etc.) so I figured that purchasing a new chunk of clothes would spruce my attitude right up.
Here are some random shots of some of my favorite things from shopping!
Charolette Ruse, I think everything was under
$15 except for the dark grey sweater shirt

adore this tank,
it was only $5

my new collection of plaid,
dying to wear with leggins & mocs.

slouchy shirt, these days non-form
fitting clothes win me over

another slouchy shirt,
adore the pearls on this one

Mackenzie talked me into getting this one,
very vintage looking & looks
more expensive than $20.

$5, CR, LOVE.

i'm not sure if it's SUPPOSE to be
a shirt or a dress, but it makes a
lovely black dress on me.

love this sweater, most expensive buy at $30.

stud buttons on sweater above

what do you know?
another slouchy sweater!

thick sweater/shirt thing, love it.

just a few glitzes

about 6 of those hanging things are gabes,
the rest of the closet is mine :)

bottom rack is new stuff,
hadn't organized it yet.

Well there you go lovies, a little bit of my closet there at the end :) xox until next time!