it's that time..

I saw this post the other day & the friggen little brown devils have been on my mind ever since. Now i'll say that I'm pretty good at saying no to sweets most of the time- I'd rather eat salty foods. But about once a month I have a few days where I just can't say no- if you're getting where i'm going with this. I don't know why, but I just can't even seem to resist.

So, needless to say, you can bet they are sitting on my counter at this very moment. UH-MAZING. I have a few bones to pick with the receipe, such as before they were baked, they tasted JUST like the cookies. However, once we baked them- the peppermint baked RIGHT out. OH NO! But Gabe saved the day & came up with the idea that we just put the peppermint extract in the chocolate that we dipped the cookies in! BINGO, back to amazing.

I mean, how can you even think about resisting? I think i'll skip dinner & just have a cookie or ten.





Soooo, about 2 summers ago I came up with a friggen grat idea & i'm really proud of it. I'm not sure what my inspiration was other than being tired of transporting my jewelry from college to home, back to college, just to find that it always displayed better at home. When you're in college you're always lacking space for the important things, like earrings! So this is what I came up with to solve that problem!

the quality of the picture sucks & i apologize for that!

(yes, i know it's sideways & apparently there's nothing i can do about it..
just go ahead & turn your head to the side!)

This is how you would make it! SOOO easy, look!

all the things you'll need:
picture frame, with no glass
hook & eye's
string- i used cooking twine
hammer & skizzo's

add the "eyes" by just twisting them into place,
the wood on this frame was softer, so they went in pretty easily

tie the twine across the frame,
once you have the twine tied on, give the hooks a few more twists,
then you can put some glue around the knots if you'd like for extra support

"ta-da" there you have it!
the pictures stink & again i'm sorry about that.
not a photographer, just a crafter.

here are some other pictures of my jewelry area at home!

necklaces, again- sorry for the sideways picture.
i'm not sure why some are loading that way!

remember this from a few weeks ago?
still LOVING it, hangs the long, chunky necklaces very well :)

my oh so serious glasses collection.

there's another AMAZING sideways shot of my jewelry table!

i'm so confused as to why only SOME of my pictures are loading sideways, this isn't the first time it's happened, but i'm not sure how to fix it! maybe my blog is mad that i dont update enough. regardless, there you have it folks. i've decided that these are the best gifts for girls living in dorms or apartments, because they're so cute & save SOOO much space.

i've been creating some great decorations for my cubical at work, i'll post pictures when all the little goodies are done. you're going to be amazed at this friggen picture board i made, i'm literally drooling over it.

xox yall, have a great day.


I had a great blog ready to be posted, but this wonderful website wants to load all of my pictures sideways. I'm boycotting.. until tomorrow. See yall then!


I'm finding myself extremely stressed out these days and I'm not sure why. Actually, now that I think about it, that's not true, I'm just finding myself stressed out today and I know just why. Coming home to a messy house is probably one of the most frusturating situations I could imagine. I hate clutter and mess, so after working all day that's the last thing I want to be welcomed home with.

But apparently, life happens. The days are gone before we know it, quickly consumed with work, exercising, baseball games, homework and other various activities that seem to gobble up every single minute. Then when there is a spare minute in the day, it seems to quickly be stolen by another random task that I've put off til the last minute.

I had planned to come home today after my work/workout, run by the nail salon and then go over to Gabe's second baseball game of the week but I'm thinking that things are going to change. I'm seeing a night of a long hot shower, followed by cleaning and organizing of the house- because no one likes a stressed out Teressa.

In the mean time i'll leave you with these few images that are going to make everything seem okay until the mess has been cleaned.



Every single Saturday should be started with a cup of tea, a peanut butter english muffin & blogging. It's
official & if I was president I'd make that a law. Speaking seriously.

I am now going to single handedly turn this apartment from DRAB to FAB.
bahaha I can't believe I just said that, but I totally did so I'll get over it. I have high hopes for this day, including cleaning the entire place, because it is so messy! Then I want to get a few crafts knocked out. I haven't been crafting at all lately & it makes me literally not feel like myself.

I've also decided that I want to get up & go to early Church tomorrow, then go to a flea market. I am dying to just walk around & see all of the great little finds.

Have a great weekend yall.



So, I don't have much time to knock out this blog before I have to get ready for a friends birthday dinner! (happy birthday DevyBear!) Anyways, I thought that I would post a few pictures that remind me of how truly blessed my life is. I have way more than I could ever ask for & I could ever possibly deserve. I love everyone in my life, I'm so very thankful.

this group of girls got me through freshman year.

JiEun&I picking up Charissa from the airport junior year

Natalie- my roomie junior/senior year

the pic we used for our "savethedate"

my teamers. <3

out to dinner for tina's birthday!

bridesmaids from florida!

me&daddy during our father/daughter dance

mom&dad at the wedding.

so inlove.
and the story continues.. there are plenty more people & pictures I could post about, however I have spent about 30 minutes going through to just get this many because I keep getting side tracked. I think i'm going to have a weekly "shout-out" and appreciate people in my life via this blog. Not that it's a HUGE honor to be mentioned in my blog, but just that it's another way to show my love for the people in my life.




so i've decided to give the blog a little face lift.
what do you think so far?

be back for more later.




This week was literally the busiest we've been since our wedding day. Monday, Gabe worked all night, Tuesday he had his first home game, Wednesday we went out to eat with his friend/mentor Taylor who was visiting, Thursday we went out to eat with his parents who were visiting, Gabe had another game Friday & we went out to dinner after that as well. Then yesterday he had two games, then we went to Red Lobster- SO GOOD! Today we went to Church, soccer, lunch & here we are now.

I can not imagine our house being able to be messier or my life being any bit more of whirl-wind, but I'm okay with it. I managed to get over to the nail salon on Friday after work, I was THE only white girl there most of the time, but I got a cute set of pink&white nails & some BRIGHT orange toes to remind me of spring!

Anyways, I've got laundry to do, food to cook & a house to clean. So I thought I'd leave some images of rooms that remind me of LOVE. (because after all, tomorrow is VALENTINES DAY!) duhhh!!



Muggy Monday!

Today has been a good day, nothing to complain about! I worked and then after work completed the fitness test that started WEEK 3 of my INSANITY workout! I can't believe I'm in it this far, I'm really, really proud of myself.

Gabe was suppose to have his first game tonight, however it got rained out. That means he is working in the gym tonight & I'm home! I spent some time catching up with some friends, eating dinner & I took a long shower, complete with Hungarian face mask & deep conditioning of my hair. PRAISE GOD for nights like this. I have every single intention of writing this blog and then painting my little fingers & toes.

Before I go on to continue to embrace this wonderful evening, I'm going to leave you with some inspirational pictures! I hope that you all have an amazing evening! Come back soon for more!



my dear bloggers, please forgive me for my lack of posting.. I know I'm terrible! Dawn, if you're still out there- I'M SORRY!!! Yall, I have been so busy with doing who knows what. I think what it is that at the end of the day I am so tired because my "insanity" work out is literally INSANE. I come home, we eat dinner & I just sit like a lump until it's bed time. I am going to work my best to be better. I promise that. Starting NOW.

I can FINALLY post the Christmas gifts that I made this year, because they've finally all been given out!

When we moved to FL, I had a really hard time finding magnets that were cute, so you'll probably remember when I made my own magnets. Welp, my mom loved them & she said that she wanted some. That made me think that most people would probably like some magnets that were prettier than big bulky circles.

Here are a few pictures of the steps to making the magnets!

also, apparently I didn't take many pictures of the project. Sorry about that folks, but you understand the process. Lots of picture printing, picture cutting, picture gluing and then tada. To everyone who received these, I'm sorry that they were not very straight lines. After I finished the project, I realized that a paper cutter would have made it much, much easier. (Consider the problem solved for next time)

Anyways, Gabe's gone for the weekend and I have a long list of things to finish before Tiffany and Kristina come over for the evening. Much love to all of you bloggers. Stick with me, some day i'll get good at this- PROMISE!