Change of plans..

I had planned to wake up early this morning, go to the mall, spend the afternoon at Gabe's baseball game & then spend the evening doing nothing exciting. However, I currently have a headache that is putting quite the damper on all of my plans.

I have decided that it's the perfect time to give our little baby apartment some TLC and spruce it up a little bit. I will say that since I've been working, I have probably made a total of 3 craft projects.. and actually that might be pushing it. I'm ashamed of myself. But as any crafter knows, you have to have a clean house before you can start messing it up again. (or maybe that's just me.. ermmm.. =/ ... )

I always say that I'm going to clean up the apartment, but then I never do. So I've created an accountability system. I took some pictures of the complete chaos and I'm going to post them here, that way I'll be embarassed and have to post pictures of it nice & clean. =)

and sorry they look soo terrible, Picnik isn't working for me right now!!

off I go to clean. :) Have a GREAT Saturday yall. xox




There is just something so PERFECT about every Sunday. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is the Lord's day (even though every day should be focusing on Him, eh?). It probably also has much to do with the fact that I play soccer on Sundays, which is my favorite sport (and my only source of working out for the moment being). Other various factors that contribute to Sunday being amazing would be the fact that Gabe & I spend most of the afternoon/evening side by side on the couch, he does homework and I blog (even though I have been doing more Call of Duty than blogging lately- sorry yall).

Also on Sundays, I come home take as long of a shower as the hot water will allow me to, deep condition my hair & put this Morrocan mud mask on my face. I absolutely love the way my face feels after the mask, but while it's on my face I actually start to produce tears. When I purchased it from the spa, I knew what I was in for- so I can't even complain really and even if I forgot, the label on the box that says "HOT" with a chili pepper on it was a dead give away.. But it just made my skin feel so good, I couldn't resist. The 2oz jar was worth evey single penny of the $49 I spent (thanks mom)!!

My relaxing set of mind was some what, how do you say.. THROWN TO THE DOGS, when I realized that tomorrow I will start the workout known as "INSANITY". It has, has, HAS to happen. My body needs it, but also so does my soul. Over the past year and a half, so many crazy things have happened, starting off with the death of my Nana, then getting engaged, finishing off my senior soccer season, graduating college, getting married, losing my Aunt, moving out of the house and getting my first official job! I don't want to sit here and act all "woe is me" because it's not like that at all. I just wanted to portray that things have been a LITTLE crazy lately, to say the least.

All of these factors have contributed to the fact that I have put on 30 lbs in a year. Does that really happen you ask? OH YES IT DOES- walking testimant right here. It started gradual, after soccer ended my body was just tired- tired of working hard, tired of hurting, getting out of bed in the morning shouldn't hurt this bad when you're 22, just shouldn't. Then with being married, it's easier and cheaper to start eating Mac-n-Cheese & pizza every meal. LONG story short, I now weigh 140lbs & I'm disgusted. I'm not saying that the 140 is a lot to weigh, but when you're 5 feet tall & you put that weight on in 365 days- that's an issue.

So moral of the story is, I'm starting the workout called INSANITY! and I'm going to need encouraging. Feel free to leave me comments on here or FB or via the telley, making sure i'm sticking to it. Because i'm pretty friggen sure that if I keep gaining weight at this rate I won't live past 30. My legs might actually just give out under me.

Okay, enough of my story telling. I just wanted to keep my bloggers updated on what's going on in my life- deeper than the crafts I'm coming up with (even those have been rare lately). Also this week, I'm limiting my Call of Duty playing to 3 games a day. I'm probably averaging 15 a day now and they average about 15 minutes each. That is also disgusting. No one gets skinny by playing video games. So lucky for all my followers, you'll be getting more posts!

I've tried to end this blog now, about 3 times. This is the real end. Lots of LOVE to all my bloggers. I hope that you're making some important life changes right now as well! We all have room to improve!



Super Saturday!

I am so happy that it is the weekend. I forgot to turn of my alarm for 6:45 this morning, so I got up & was SO happy to realize that it was SATURDAY! how perfect :) So Gabe & I ended up watching a movie, he went to baseball & then I fell back asleep. Now here I am, sitting on my sofa figuring out how to go about this beautiful day. I want to make some granola, chili & do some serious cleaning of the den. I have crafts & a plethora of "things" all over the room!

Before I get on with my list of things to do, I wanted to make a quick post- see I told you I was going to do better with blogging in 2011!

I wanted to show yall my cute new wallet!

it was originally $99, i got it for $20!
there were a few studs missing,
so I replaced them with circle ones

here's the inside,
lots of lots & pockets

here's what it's replacing,
i LOVE LOVE LOVE my juicy one,
however it was starting to really look dingy!

So there we have it folks, enjoy your beautiful saturday!



ok so seriously, just because I didnt update in a week doesn't mean I don't deserve comments yall! HELLOOOO!!! where is the love?! some how i find it really hard to sit in front of a computer screen all day and then come home and sit here and type even more. ew. so i'm going to make this short & sweet, just like me. ;)

i bought some random hooks from Urban Outfitters a few months ago while they were UBER cheap.. I'm talking like $1. They have been sitting around waiting to be used for quite some time now & when I bought this picture frame from Goodwill in Pittsburgh, I knew JUST what I wanted to do with the hooks! (The picture fram was $2)

I nailed the picture frame on the wall
& then nailed the hooks into the wall as well.

the finished product!!
i wanted to hang it "hamburger" style..
but the frame wouldn't sit right.

I like it, it kind of makes my jewelry look like it is a piece of art, which it obvioulsy is!!

That's all for now. I'm in DESPERATE need of a nap.



I told you I'd be updating more than once this week! GO ME! I figured I'd post some pictures of how I decorated the TV stand this month! I absolutely love it, these pictures do it NO justice. I think I need a new camera. (or maybe just learn how to take good pictures!)

it's hard to tell here, but it's a mix of metals & light blue candles..
perfect for "winter" if that's what you call it in Florida..

silver candle holder- $7.99 (tjmaxx)
white candle holders- $3.99 (goodwill)

silver vase- $4.99 (tjmaxx) clock- $8 (thrift store)
elephant- $20 (zgallerie)

That's all for now folks! I'll be seeing you right here, TOMORROW!




Apparently this week was busier than I had previous thought it would be! Monday night the game went on FOREVER, so we were up way too late for our own good. Then the rest of the week we basically tried to play catch-up on our sleep, cleaning and other tasks for the week. The house is still not put back together, the couch that belongs in the den is still in the living room, the bowls & platters that the food was on have been cleaned, but still sit cozily on the counters and the laundry that was done on Tuesday is still sitting folded on the floor. Whoops!!

However, I will say that today looks very promising! We got up early, (I missed my soccer game due to a dance floor injury at the wedding last night), did a little bit of cleaning, went to church, grocery shopping, Gabe just made Eggs Benedict (my FAVORITE thing to eat) for lunch and I am about to embark on the task of "putting things away".

After that I have BIG cooking plans for the night, including Lasagna, Chili, Pea Pesto Crostini and HOT wings! Looking very much forward to it! Hopefully I'll be able to get some Call of Duty playing in before the night ends. I did some research on how to play COD properly and I will admit, I have turned into a COD FREAK! I love to play.. okay seriously- enough COD talk. I'm a nerd.

Also, I'd like to get a list going for my "2011 CRAFTS".. all the "real crafters" have already posted their lists & I have yet to make one. WHOOPS again!!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the wedding reception last night! Our friends Alysha and Derek got married last week in the Bahamas and they celebrated with all of their friends/family last night here in Lakeland! It was SO beautiful! Congrats yall!

me, gabe, neil, catherine!
can we all just drool at her hair real quick?

myself, Alysha! & Esther

Love you all! I'll be posting more frequently this week, I promise!!


Just a quick drop by!

I just wanted to stop by & say hello to my fellow bloggers! It has been a busy, but a very good day!

Gabe & I woke up early this morning, finished watching Eat.Pray.Love (I will give my opinion on the movie later), made eggs benedict, cleaned the house, re-organized the den, ran a few errands and then went shopping for a wedding reception we are attending this saturday! Over all it has been an amazing day, we ate Taco Bell (doesn't really go with the whole eating healthy theme I've been sticking with this year) and now we are about to go see Jackass3 at the $3 movie theater with some friends!

I will be posting soon about the events that will be happening this week.
- Decorating the house for "January"
- Football party at our house, I think it's called the "National Title"?
- Playing in a soccer tournament this weekend!
- Going to the wedding reception for our friends who got married last week!

So it will be a busy week, but I'm determined to keep my bloggers updated, seeing as I know that going a day without hearing from me is MUCH like a minute without air (possible, but slightly uncomfortable).

Much love every, go to Church tomorrow- it's refreshing.


$ale.time :)

Soooo, I had planned to write this blog a few days ago, but life has gotten the best of me the past few nights. I have been getting up at 6:30 for work and by time I get home, I’m ready to fall right asleep. I will admit that I have been spending SOME time playing Call Of Duty with Gabe, he just taught me and I think it’s so much fun. So with being tired from working and playing COD, I’ve had very limited spare time. I try to do productive things during that time such as reading or taking the occasional shower.
Anyways, on New Year’s Day, Gabe & I thought we’d start a new tradition by going out and looking for the BEST deals on Christmas decorations that we could possibly find. (This really isn’t why I did it, but it was easier to tell Gabe that we should start a tradition then actually to say to him that I just wanted to go shopping!)
We went over to Target and all of their Christmas decorations were 80% off, so you know I had to jump on that. Look at what I found!!
219 ornaments total, I did the math-
they were $0.11 EACH!
these cute little guys were only $1.25
these little bird ornaments were $0.25 each,
they would be adorable on gifts!
these little felt bags were also $0.25 each,
perfect to put little gifts in
this little guy was $2, it will look great with
the right candles & some berries to spruice it up!

i just ADORE these wrapping papers,
oh just $1.25 each, no big deal!
this stack of BEAUTIFUL ribbons
was priced down from $15 to $3
i also bought 2 packs of these ornaments for $1.25 each

Overall I'd like to say that I did a very good job, we have gotten probably half of the balls that we'll need for the tree next year. I'm planning on adding a new tree or two to the mix. A silver and black one, with MAYBE some red, and then a brown and gold one. We'll see what I can squeeze out of Gabe & what else I can find on sale over the next few weeks.
I went to a new work out class today that Geico was offering, so I do smell a bit. I think i'll HAVE TO take a shower tonight. Even though my bed & Sugar&Spice by Lauren.Conrad is calling my name. Then it will be back at it tomorrow morning!
I love you all & thank you so much for following me. Xox


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am struggling to decide if I want to make actual resolutions this year of if I just want to go with the all around theme of living well. If I do decide on resolutions, I’ll bless you with the ability of knowing them, don’t worry!
So unlike everyone else, I will not be posting on my plans for 2011, instead I’m going to show everyone how Gabe & I rang in the NEW YEAR! (speaking of, can you seriously believe it’s the year 2011?! I remember when 2000 was a big thing..)

we went to ICE & SNOW at the Gaylord!

for those of you who don't know, there is a display of HUGE ice sculptures,
this year's theme was 'tis the night before Christmas

my cutie husband <3
they gave us these GIANT parkas to wear, it was only 9 degrees inside!

after ICE & SNOW, we changed & went to dinner at the Gaylord.
this is at SORA, "Spicy Tuna Nachos"
the chips were wasabi, so good!

our idea of SHOTS!!!
peanut butter pie, cherry chocolate,
and some other great ones

ringing in the New Year in style!

we didn't want to stay out all night,
we had to hurry home to our child <3

HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone! We had an amazing night and are looking very much forward to an amazing year. I'm not sure if anything can top this year, graduated college, got married, moved out, got a job and learned how to pay a bill! Lets go 2011, try and top it baby!