In blog land, I find myself getting caught up in thoughts of what my house would look like if I lived in something larger than a 930 sq. foot apartment. Something that I'm finding a HUGE obsession with?
Kitchen tables..

Long wood vintage table?! Yes PLEASE!
Maybe sometime in the future, but for now I'll stick with stalking them on the internet.

Hope you have an amazing day! Off I go to GEICO!




I think I have come a little too close to a spray paint high over the past few days
& here's the reason why!

got this little guy from GW, he use to be black.
everyone looked at me like i was crazy when i was toting him up to the register
even the lady who worked there said- you're gunna pay $20 for this?
i smiled & said yep!

some bottles that i turned into my own milk glass,
take empty bottles, white puff paint a design & then spray away!
vase $1- Dollar store
candle stick $1- Dollar store
See below for my new creation!!

this little beauty is now filled with pink flowers,
pictures to come soon.
I'm so happy with what i've created lately. I have to set up my new green/white bar & then finish my lamp! More pictures to come soon.




Time to post some pictures from Easter!
When I woke up, Gabe had an easter egg hunt for me, then we went to church.
After church I made a scavenger hunt for Gabe..

the clue leading to this said:
your next clue can be found in the craft you helped me with, taking nearly 10 hours.
this one said, your next clue can be found in your smelly bag.

the one leading here said:
your next clue can be found in the place you clean your hide.
this clue said, your next clue can be found in Grandma's knitted warmth.
the clue leading here said:
your next clue can be found: by the autograph you signed for your #1 fan
this one was the one leading to the wreath in the first picture.
your last clue can be found in your engagement gift!
(FIFA 2011, bc I got him xbox when we got engaged!)

After Gabe's hunt, we ate an amazing breakfast!

eggs benedict- one of our FAVORITES & roasted potatoes.

We took a nap & then died eggs & ate dinner.. here are the rest of the pictures!

like for real?
who wouldn't want to be married to this man?!
my cute vintage egg!

Queenie's Egg, Easter 2011, Cheveron patter & I<3YOU.

Gabe made it for me!

our vintage eggs!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon for details on my first giveaway! I'm excited/nervous.



my Easter decorations..

Here are some of my Easter decorations. What do your decorations look like?

Okay, so maybe I was kidding a little bit! I found all of these beautiful pictures from Martha Stewart, of course! Maybe next year i'll be a little bit more crafty towards Easter. Working at Geico makes me so tired these days. Infact, I'm going to whip out the spray paint RIGHT now.



My husband is very good at a lot of things.. Baseball, making smoothies, taking very good care of me, you get the picture. One of the things my dear Gabey has never been good at is the element of suprise. I won't say that it's because of his lack of ability to surprise, but more of his lack of ability to say no to me. If I ask him what he's hiding from me, he's not very good at keeping it a secret. (Also, I'm not very good at not prying information from his brain.)

Anyways, a few weeks ago we were getting my car fixed & we went over to the mall while we were waiting. We started looking at jewelry stores just to see what was out there when it came to wedding sets. Gabe got me a beautiful engagement ring & then a wedding band that I LOVE, but they don't go together & I haven't been able to wear either due to various reasons.

We found the PERFECT ring, something that I had been wanting since we before we got engaged & I was looooving it. We purchased the ring but I told him that I wanted it to be a surprise when he was going to give it to me. (for our engagement I was surprised on how he did it, but i knew it was coming!)

Anyways, long story short- if that's even an option at this point, this is what I came home to last night:

&when I turned around, I was given this:

um, THANK YOU! it made me so happy & all day I kept looking down at my finger, just making sure it was still there. Yes, I do understand this picture stinks, I apologize about that. I'll get a picture that's better as soon as I remember!

That's it for now! Gabe & I are catching up on "The Event", we are OBSESSED with the show & we're watching all the episodes on Hulu!

Side note: 50 followers! That means give-away soon.. I'll post more deets soon.



My "to-do" list..

Lately I've been stalking blogs, adding NUMEROUS pages to my favorites list via the computer to help me make not only a mental list, but also a physical list of things I'd like to create in the near future. Along with my favorites list, I also have a seperate set of folders on my desktop of pictures of my future crafts, things I'd like to create when I have a house with more space.

So for now, I'll show you what I hope to be creating in the near future.

LOVE this, planning on doing a remix for above the sofa.
tutorial can be found here, via SpunkyJunky.

love these yarn wrapped letters,
tutorial found here via LetBirdsFLy

i am OBSESSED with this lamp,
tutorial found here via- SpunkyJunky.

can't remember where these are from,
but aren't they adorrrrable?!
So there you have it, you can see what's on my mind.
What's on YOURS?!

Check back soon to see the project I'm currently working on!



Consider Spring.. SPRUNG!

Well hello there! I don't know about where you live, but it seems like Florida went straight from Winter, if that's what you want to call it here, and went STRAIGHT to Summer. I'm not complaining except for the fact that I haven't had enough time to decorate for spring and I'm already feeling like it's time for summer decorations.

I have had the TV stand done like this for a few weeks now, but I have just forgotten to post about the decorations. Silly me ;) and why these pictures refuse to load the correct way is BEYOND me. I'll deal with it for now.

pretty flowers, loving the yellow/pink combo this spring!

this picture looks silly, but it looks good in real life..

old books, flowers & candles- can you go wrong?

i love this candle holder,
& actually i'm okay with the white candles in it as well

the view from the couch, so bright & i'm loving it.

so that's that for now. i'm at 46 followers.. need 4 more & i'm going to do a giveaway, but i'm not saying what it is until someone wins it. that will add to the greatness of it. (&also because I haven't figured it out yet.)

I'm going to be crafty this weekend, it's official. I'm tired of just bookmarking great ideas & never doing them. time to cross some things of the list.



I told yall I'm going to do better! Here I am, I think it's 2 times in a week. GO ME! ;)

This week has gone by so quickly! Can't believe Wednesday is already over!
Yesterday was Gabe's SENIOR game.. here's a pic

marissa/josh, me/gabe, lil/kevin, shannon/hector, sam/tyler, kyndra/kyle

It's weird to think that baseball season is almost over, but I have been a very bad wifey this season. I've some how managed to sqeek by with making it only to about 5 games, zero puff paint shirts & I think MAYBE 3 pictures snapped of Gabe in action. Whoops! Working really takes away from my free time ya know!

Besides baseball & work, this week I have been making a few projects. I feel like I'm always saying that & never showing them.. that's probably true. I just realize I never put up spring decorations, I'll do that soon!

Ready for bed, gotta get up early, go to the gym, the nail salon & then working!! Keep up your faith in me, I think when I get to 50 followers I should do a giveaway.. everyone seems to like people who doe those.




i'm going to be better.

I have been a bad bad blogger for quite some time now. I need to really get on that, especially due to the fact that I have so many ideas that need to be put into action in my life. I have several things in the works right now- I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I'm done!

As for now, I'm going to shower & get ready for work.. Working 4 hours of OT tonight, not bad not bad.
Be back soon, I think i'm going to do a give away soon, i've gotta get more action going on with this bloggie.


(pretending i'm here while i write this..)


Prezzies for me?!

I've never won anything before.. including the two national title games I played in. However, my luck changed when I won the give away from my dear blog.friend Dawn.

the contents of my package!

vintage looking magnets, loaded sideways- dont ask me why!
Gabe LOVES the baseball one!!!

yep, that's right. elie tahari belt, free to me- use to be 155.

pretty flower, we'll see what i decide to use it for!

so, bottom line- THANK YOU DAWN! I'm so grateful!

Now I'm going to attempt to clean up & go to bed. I'm working an earlier schedule tomorrow so I can go see Gabe pitch against the Tigers! (GOOO HONEY!)

Alright, love yall.




This weekend I pulled of the biggest surprise in the history of my mothers life. It was her birthday on the 2nd, so my dad flew me home for the night & my sister & I drove to NY to meet the family for birthday dinner! My mom's face was PRICELESS when she saw me there. It made me so happy to be there, and very sad to leave.

We ate at a great Italian place & then Justine & I drove back to my parents house for the night, since my parents were flying out of Newark in the morning to go to here:

the four.seasons. in Mexico.
totally jealous, but they deserve it.

Spending the night at the house without the dogs & my family was weird, but another factor contributing to the awkward feeling was the fact that the house is on the market. So not only was everything in PERFECT order, but we had strict instructions not to leave a trace of our presence. You can see the house here, feel free to purchase it as well.

I'll post some pics later, I forgot my camera here- IDIOT! So I have to wait to get them from my sister! I'm working tomorrow to make up for my day off Saturday, can't say i'm overly thrilled about that- however gotta make that money!

Speaking of money, Gabe & I sat down & made a REAL budget tonight. I'm so excited to stick to it because we have it set up so that we are putting away a good amount of money each paycheck. Saving up for something special..

hehe perfect, ya?

The guy at the store laughed at us when I told him we already did the big part, getting married & that my ring just wasn't up to par. The perfect 1 year anniversary gift? I think so.

Off I go to rest my head. Wanted to give a shout out to my Aunt TC who let me know that she checks this every night!! LOVE YA!