goodmorning.bloggies :)
how are we doing today?!

i've decided to skip the morning workout today,
have to be into work early- so it just wasn't gunna happen.

plus, i've got something HUGE weighing on my heart & i need to let it out.
Gabe got a job offer in New.York.
which for any of you that are geographically challanged-
is VERY far away from Florida.

most likely, i can transfer to Geico so that takes care of my job..
but the thought of packing up & moving cross country scares the little pants off me.

here are some pro's to moving:
*it's a seriously awesome job opportunity
*we will both be much closer to our families
*i'm closer to the city, where marketing jobs are easier to come by
*i do love the seasons & you dont get much of that down here.

here are some con's to moving:
*it's risky to move across the country & not know if he'll like the job
*moving is VERY expensive
*i'm leaving all of my college friends behind
*i'm waiting to hear on a job offer in DC for a marketing position

oh the decisions!! off I go to pray about it, because just thinking about it makes my head want to explode.. for those of you who pray- please shoot one up for us during this hard decision making time. & for those of you who don't, flip a coin for us or something. we need some serious wise imput.


could this be Gabe in the near future?!



Today I helped my dear friend Tiffany organize her apartment/life & it was very refreshing.

who would think someone that pretty could have SO MUCH baggage ;)

So after helping her sort through the piles of stuff that 4 years of college has left her with, I've realized that it's time for me to do the same.
With the move, I think it's time to get rid of the things that I only, sort-of, like & only keep the things that i LOVE & cant.live.with.out.

love this form of organizing/decorating
bc it's still pretty, but totally functional.

again, pretty bookcases but i LOVE the ladder
i want a vintage one to put blankets on!

how creative for crafting,
i love the "tools" hanging from the walls.

i've always wanted a place to walk in & hang jackets right on the wall.
very functional & perfect looking.

& upon researching on apartment.therapy i found a list of helpful tips when it comes to moving.
the list starts from 8weeks before you move & we're at 3weeks.
looks like i've got some catching up todo!

I'm going to make lemon-artichoke chicken for dinner with strawberry brussle sprouts.




Today has been another day filled with nothing much, which I'm pretty okay with. I didn't get out of bed until late & then Gabe & I went to Target to use some COUPONS!
Seriously, I got such a high from saving $16.
You wouldn't think that'd make a big deal, but it did!

For dinner I made -sloppy joes- & peach/onion salad.
Most people think of sloppy joes as a last minute resort, but I was actually REALLY excited to make them. Growing up we never ate anything that was, how do you say this.. normal? So I get excited to eat things that other people find mundane.

I've spent the last few hours making picture frames for both myself, and my friends as house warming gifts for some of my friends & my husband has JUST walked in the door from a night of work- so I'm going to have to wrap this up!

Some pictures that are serving as inspiration for our new apartment:

That's all until tomorrow, I'll post some pics of my recent crafts.



I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Well, after a rough few weeks off of again, on again. The blog & I have decided to give it a second shot.
Since the breakup, I've been spending my time going to the gym, working & sleeping- very exotic, I know.

Even though I haven't been blogging myself, I've been spending some time reading up on other blogs & crafting away for our new apartment!

One of my favorite blogs of my entire life is cupcakes&cashmere & I literally check her blog daily.
& by daily i might mean hourly.
Recently Emily posted about her Mermaid Nail tutorail, which you can find here & the inspiration has been spreading like wild fire.

I figured it was time for me to give it a try & here's what I came up with:

not the best pic, but i already had my nails painted coral
so i just went with the gold glitter!

Some other combos that I came up with:

would have been PERFECT for the 4th, shame on me.

can't really tell but the glitter is green, perfect Watermelon combo!

this is what i'm rockin for my weekend!

And a quick shot of my nailpolish collection, I think it's safe to say that I purchase polish every time I stop by Forever21.

love these pastel shades..

I love all the colors!

Okay, that's what I've got for you today. I have off the next 3 days so I'll be working on some posts!
I'm also going to link up to some parties this week with my new crafts!