top o' the morning to ya.

(sounded pretty Irish didn't it?!)
i thought so..

I told yall i was going to be a better blogger!
but yall have to promise to be patient with me
&& leave LOTS of comments :)
(& for those of you who can't leave comments,
i.e. my aunts- i'll forgive you.)

Just time for a few short pictures today,
time to get ready for work.

i adore this collage..
i think i've got the perrrrfect place for this!

love the bottles here,
Gabe will tell you- i NEVER throw a bottle out
(so i've got the perfect collection)

a bird cage filled w books + vintage tags
= perfect combo.

seriously OBSESSED with rod & decorations hanging.
so simple + perfect.

So that's what I've got for you today.
Maybe tomorrow i'll post some pics of a few apartment crafts.

Catch yall on the flipside.



i'm finally back.

I'm making a slightly irrational decision, but never the less, a FIRM decision, i.am.back.

i've got to start sooner or later & i'm thinking sooner is better.
i've been going crazy with crafts for the new apartment,
so i need a place to show them off!
I told myself, for year 23- i'm going to live with intention.
year 22 was interesting, full of ups&downs, i found myself sick- a lot.

i've decided that 23 will be different.
i'm giving 100% this year towards being happy, healthy & committed
(in all aspects of life)

perfectly fitting for this post.

So that's that, bloggers.
Love you guys
have a great night.




It's been awhile since I've posted & all with VERY good reason.
Gabe & I ended up staying in Lakeland, but moving to a different apartment!
It's a much bigger apartment, but it's a little bit older-
over all, I like it very much.

There are some iffy things, like no pantry, older appliances & random lighting fixtures,
however it's much more spacious, we've got PLENTY of room for my crafting
& we're saving $130 a month on rent.

The apartment is still in boxes & things aren't quite where I want them to be yet.
BUT, I've taken on a new hobby..

I want to post some pictures of my savings today!!

V8 Splash - $3.39 each (BOGO $2/1)
Gatorade - $1.50 each (.50c off)
Crunchy Nut - $4.09 each ($2/1 & $1/1)
Pop.Tarts - $2.59 (BOGO & $1/3)
Blush - $4.79 ($1.50/1 & $1/1)
2nd Grade School Donation Bag - $7.81
$25 giftcard for bringing new prescription
$5 off $20 purchase
Total value of items from Publix - $49.7
Total amount spent at Publix - .95c

Additional Savings:
Skippy Peanut Butter - $2.29 each ($1/1)
Vitamin Water - $.88 each ($1/3)
Dove Shampoo - $4.99 ($1/1 & get 1 conditioning treatment free)
Dove Body Wash - $4.24 (on clearance & $1.25/1)
Axe Body Wash - $3.25 (BOGO)
Degree Deodorant - .97c ($1/1)
Dove Deodorant - $4.99 (Buy 1 men's, get 1 womans free & $1/1)
Pumpkin Pancakes - $2.02 - clearance
Almonds - $5.99 (BOGO & $1.50/2)
Total value of items from Target - $47.26
Total Amount I spent at Target - $25.87
Total Value of Items - $104.25
Total Amount I Spent - $32.61
Total Savings - $71.64

I think I did a pretty dang good job if you ask me!
Now I need to go put away all of my goodies..
Even though they look so pretty staged on my floor.

Maybe tomorrow things will get done in the apartment & I'll post some pics!

Also, I plan to be a great blogger starting later in August.
I've got plenty to post about!