I've been checking projects off my "to-do list" lately, but the reason I've yet to upload them is simple.
My camera is in my car.

So until I either remember to bring my camera up, or am not too lazy to walk down to the car when I do remember, you'll have to be patient!

I posted a picture of my most recent lamp today on my facebook/twitter.

crackle paint, love it.

I got a few different requests for how I made the base and also the shade, so I'm going to do seperate tutorial posts soon! I'm bad at doing tutorial posts because I get so excited during projects that I forget to take pictures!!

Anyways, tomorrow's going to be a great day.. we are going to be VERY productive.


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  1. Come on get with it. Kendi started her summer 30 for 30 today... join me darling pleassse. Dawn suitcase Vignettes xoxoxo