Sorry for my lack of posts.. I've been going through a rough breakup season.
First it was with my blog, due to the sucky-ness of blogger,
second was with my hot gluegun.
(& i'll tell you, that was a sticky one..)

I had been feeling like my posts were becoming more of a chore than an alternative stress reliever so I decided to just stop. But when the blogging stopped, the crafting was still in full swing. That was until the second breakup, with my gluegun.

A few people had asked me for a tutorial for the lamp that I made recently, so I figured I'd do a nice little tutorial for my first post back. Welp, that's what I get for thinking, lead to one of the worst breakups of my life. I literally stuck my left ring finger DIRECTLY into a freshly squeezed line of VERY VERY HOT glue. (I now see why they offer low & hi temp guns..)

After the finger was insterted into the glue, lots of screaming, laughing then crying followed. I cursed at the glue gun & told it I was DONE. So, sorry Jen.. The tutorial will have to wait, my finger is currently bandaged up & refuses to go ANYWHERE near anything that has the name HOT in it.

Until then, I figured I'd leave a few pictures for aesthetic purposes.

both my supervisor & sisterinlaw are pregnant..
PERFECT bridal shower if it's a GiRL!

i'm looking for the perfect word to put above our bed,
Dream is one of the top candidates!

what a perfect picture for the "first night of summer"
i wish i could be in this picture.

So that's that. Check in soon.. The blog & I are in the trying to "work things out".. It's looking pretty good.



  1. Oooh, love them all! I hope your finger gets better soon! OUCH! Glue gun burns are SOOO painful! Especially when they start to blister...UGH. Get well soon! :) We missed you!

  2. it's a good thing you have an excuse for not posting....lol. sorry to hear about your finger. That first photo of the table with the pink tulle is gorgeous. Just buy the letters and glitter them yourself...its cheaper. glad your back..!!! Lots of love, Dawn xo