i'm finally back.

I'm making a slightly irrational decision, but never the less, a FIRM decision, i.am.back.

i've got to start sooner or later & i'm thinking sooner is better.
i've been going crazy with crafts for the new apartment,
so i need a place to show them off!
I told myself, for year 23- i'm going to live with intention.
year 22 was interesting, full of ups&downs, i found myself sick- a lot.

i've decided that 23 will be different.
i'm giving 100% this year towards being happy, healthy & committed
(in all aspects of life)

perfectly fitting for this post.

So that's that, bloggers.
Love you guys
have a great night.


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  1. Yes darling, it is now that you live for, not when. So glad to see you back. I just watched a great movie called Conviction. It made me want to call my sister but it was too late so I am talking to you instead...glad you are back!!!Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo can't wait to see your creativity!!!