It's been awhile since I've posted & all with VERY good reason.
Gabe & I ended up staying in Lakeland, but moving to a different apartment!
It's a much bigger apartment, but it's a little bit older-
over all, I like it very much.

There are some iffy things, like no pantry, older appliances & random lighting fixtures,
however it's much more spacious, we've got PLENTY of room for my crafting
& we're saving $130 a month on rent.

The apartment is still in boxes & things aren't quite where I want them to be yet.
BUT, I've taken on a new hobby..

I want to post some pictures of my savings today!!

V8 Splash - $3.39 each (BOGO $2/1)
Gatorade - $1.50 each (.50c off)
Crunchy Nut - $4.09 each ($2/1 & $1/1)
Pop.Tarts - $2.59 (BOGO & $1/3)
Blush - $4.79 ($1.50/1 & $1/1)
2nd Grade School Donation Bag - $7.81
$25 giftcard for bringing new prescription
$5 off $20 purchase
Total value of items from Publix - $49.7
Total amount spent at Publix - .95c

Additional Savings:
Skippy Peanut Butter - $2.29 each ($1/1)
Vitamin Water - $.88 each ($1/3)
Dove Shampoo - $4.99 ($1/1 & get 1 conditioning treatment free)
Dove Body Wash - $4.24 (on clearance & $1.25/1)
Axe Body Wash - $3.25 (BOGO)
Degree Deodorant - .97c ($1/1)
Dove Deodorant - $4.99 (Buy 1 men's, get 1 womans free & $1/1)
Pumpkin Pancakes - $2.02 - clearance
Almonds - $5.99 (BOGO & $1.50/2)
Total value of items from Target - $47.26
Total Amount I spent at Target - $25.87
Total Value of Items - $104.25
Total Amount I Spent - $32.61
Total Savings - $71.64

I think I did a pretty dang good job if you ask me!
Now I need to go put away all of my goodies..
Even though they look so pretty staged on my floor.

Maybe tomorrow things will get done in the apartment & I'll post some pics!

Also, I plan to be a great blogger starting later in August.
I've got plenty to post about!



  1. Welcome back, I was gone for a bit with computer problems. New Apt. sounds like the extra room is gonna mean extra crafting which means more posts. Have a great weekend Teressa! Have you watched the shows on extreme coupon people? you have to watch them...amazing. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Wow in three weeks you must be up to your eyeballs in coupons...where have you been darlin? come back. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo