remember the picture i posted a few weeks ago?

i have to say, i haven't been holding up to
my end of the little bargin i had with myself & year twenty-three.

for about a week i ate healthy, went to the gym & cleaned up after myself..
but life got busy again-
so that went right out the window.

today i went to visit my teamers,
(girls i played soccer w during college)
& it felt like old times- i sure do miss being out on the field.
my coach asked my friend melissa & i to give some words of wisdom
& i immediately thought- oh great, i need wisdom.
can i google that real quick?

anyways, melissa is living in England, playing soccer for a professional team-
doing things..
i on the other hand am living in lakeland, working at Geico & fat.
(i've got good things going for me,
i'm being a small amount sarcastic here to get my point across.)

& within about 2 seconds the word -intention- came to my mind.
i wanted so badly to tell each of the girls, GIVE IT YOUR ALL.
every day on the field,
every day in the classroom,
every day in chapel,
with God,
with friends,
with family,
in relationships,
in LIFE.

however, i got emotional & side tracked.
i partially blacked out during my "speech" however i remember stating
"now i've got a man living with me who eats a lot..."

but if i could take one thing & staple it to those bright-eyed girls beautiful lives-
it would be, be intentional.

Coach then came after me & said what I wanted to say,
which was- you get out of life what you put into it.
(thanks coach!)

So that's where i'm at,
i honestly feel like i'm getting out of life what i'm putting in it right now.
 -which is a whole lot of half finished projects.

&& with that, i'd like to say that i'm going to complete a half finished project,
but i'm not.

i'm going to sleep.
i dont do it enough & Gabe's not home til late,
so i want to take over the entire bed.



  1. You are a riot. I am fat and I am being really hard on myself right now. I can't even lose and ounce. But we are supposed to love ourselves anyway...I am fat in all the right places...miss you girl!!! Love your honesty. signed, fatass!!! Dawnxo

  2. good reminder - to live with intention.