update :)

This week has been really busy,
i've already put in a good 30 hours answering phones.

i've found myself ending personal phone calls with my salutation:
"& since we spoke,
you may get a survey in the mail asking you to rate my service,
again my name is teressa-
is there anything else i can do to insure excellent responses?"

can we say vaca..

Anyways, I wanted to do a quick picture post of the beautiful little night stand i created!

terrible picture, but it's literally my little baby!
i'll put it in the bedroom & post pictures shortly
i'm really proud of myself for this guy!

that's all i've got. not much of anything, but a craft update!


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  1. I need to know what you did to it and what it looked like before you started...it is adarable and the color is great!!! Dawn xo