wedding do's & doNOTs

I have a few weddings coming up & several friends that just got engaged
so i've been wanting to blog about some do's & doNOTs of wedding season.

#1) it IS about the Bride&Groom,
whether it's wedding day, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties-
make it about the Bride & Groom.
this is the day that they're going to remember forever,
odds are- you wont.
compliment the Bride, whether it's on her special day, or a shower.
again it's not about how good YOUR hair or makeup looks, make HER feel good.
give the Groom words of affirmation, let him know he's making the right decision
..if you think he is ;)

#2) RSVP correct & on time.
nothing's more annoying then 2 weeks before your wedding
having to call people that you've reached out & invited to your special day.
so give the couple (&their vendors) some consideration & rsvp.
it's really that simple.
if you can go, say yes & if you can't, say no.

#3) don't assume!!
don't assume when it comes to being in the bridal party and/or being invited,
this can leave for awkward converstaions & situations.
just be patient :)

#4) don't be cheap.
while we're in a recession-
remember, they're about to fork over $$ for you to eat, drink & be merry.
don't be cheap & skip out on the gift.
atleast look at it this way-
if you were going out for the night for dinner & drinks,
you'd spend atleast $25.. get a giftcard.
&& if you REALLY can't afford a gift-
don't skip out on the card for fear of looking cheap.
the couple will appreciate you coming & the thought behind the card!

#5) don't be late!
the last thing a bride wants is everyone to be looking at YOU,
because you're trying to sneak in the back doors & making a noisy mess.
if you're late (because life happens),
be quiet & watch through the window 
 until there's a suitable time to sneak in
& at that time politely sit in the back row, dont go prancing up the aisle.

#6) dress accordingly..
in most cases it's clear what the attire should be,
if you're unsure- ask a member of the brial party.
don't show up in a tux when the groomsmen are wearing kakhi's,
don't wear a strappy summer dress when it's a night time affair.
& ladies: don't wear white. dont wear cream. dont wear beige.
just dont.
your time will come (if it hasn't already), dont look desperate for attention.

#7) act accordingly-
don't be "that guy/girl" who gets smashed & makes a fool.
jumping in lakes, oceans, ponds is not acceptable
(unless you're Matt Hester.)
some weddings are more casual & fun,
while others are a little bit more formal & reserved.
act accordingly.

#8) be gracious!
make sure you tell the bride/groom thank you,
as well as their parents.
this special day took a lot of hard work- be grateful.

i was trying to come up with 10, but i think 8 does it just right.
so remember that as wedding season is approaching.
no go & fill out that RSVP you've been putting aside!

*all thoughts & opinions displayed in this post are not meant to hurt anyones feelings,
so just don't go there.

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