Today I helped my dear friend Tiffany organize her apartment/life & it was very refreshing.

who would think someone that pretty could have SO MUCH baggage ;)

So after helping her sort through the piles of stuff that 4 years of college has left her with, I've realized that it's time for me to do the same.
With the move, I think it's time to get rid of the things that I only, sort-of, like & only keep the things that i LOVE & cant.live.with.out.

love this form of organizing/decorating
bc it's still pretty, but totally functional.

again, pretty bookcases but i LOVE the ladder
i want a vintage one to put blankets on!

how creative for crafting,
i love the "tools" hanging from the walls.

i've always wanted a place to walk in & hang jackets right on the wall.
very functional & perfect looking.

& upon researching on apartment.therapy i found a list of helpful tips when it comes to moving.
the list starts from 8weeks before you move & we're at 3weeks.
looks like i've got some catching up todo!

I'm going to make lemon-artichoke chicken for dinner with strawberry brussle sprouts.


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  1. That last photo totally looks like something that would suit your new place...I hope you make an adorable space just like it...Dawn xo