Today has been another day filled with nothing much, which I'm pretty okay with. I didn't get out of bed until late & then Gabe & I went to Target to use some COUPONS!
Seriously, I got such a high from saving $16.
You wouldn't think that'd make a big deal, but it did!

For dinner I made -sloppy joes- & peach/onion salad.
Most people think of sloppy joes as a last minute resort, but I was actually REALLY excited to make them. Growing up we never ate anything that was, how do you say this.. normal? So I get excited to eat things that other people find mundane.

I've spent the last few hours making picture frames for both myself, and my friends as house warming gifts for some of my friends & my husband has JUST walked in the door from a night of work- so I'm going to have to wrap this up!

Some pictures that are serving as inspiration for our new apartment:

That's all until tomorrow, I'll post some pics of my recent crafts.


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  1. I love sloppy Joe. So what did you eat growing up? I am curious. Love the inspiration photos. When are you moving? Dawn xo