goodmorning.bloggies :)
how are we doing today?!

i've decided to skip the morning workout today,
have to be into work early- so it just wasn't gunna happen.

plus, i've got something HUGE weighing on my heart & i need to let it out.
Gabe got a job offer in New.York.
which for any of you that are geographically challanged-
is VERY far away from Florida.

most likely, i can transfer to Geico so that takes care of my job..
but the thought of packing up & moving cross country scares the little pants off me.

here are some pro's to moving:
*it's a seriously awesome job opportunity
*we will both be much closer to our families
*i'm closer to the city, where marketing jobs are easier to come by
*i do love the seasons & you dont get much of that down here.

here are some con's to moving:
*it's risky to move across the country & not know if he'll like the job
*moving is VERY expensive
*i'm leaving all of my college friends behind
*i'm waiting to hear on a job offer in DC for a marketing position

oh the decisions!! off I go to pray about it, because just thinking about it makes my head want to explode.. for those of you who pray- please shoot one up for us during this hard decision making time. & for those of you who don't, flip a coin for us or something. we need some serious wise imput.


could this be Gabe in the near future?!

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