5:15 wakeup call.

Now that it's FINALLY cooling down in Florida, cool being 80 instead of 110, Gabe & I like to sleep with the windows opened in the apartment. This is usually a good idea every morning except for Monday’s- apparently. This morning around 5:15 I was woken up to what felt like the whole building rumbling and a piercing sound. I quickly realized that this wasn’t the Rapture, instead it was the dumpster being emptied a few apartments down.
I tossed & turned for what seemed like forever, a mere 30 minutes, before I decided that it would be a good idea tojust get up & an even better idea to wake my wonderful husband up as well. He laid in bed, holding his pillow over his face for a few minutes- sure that this was a joke (I don’t wake up before noon).. But soon after he realized that I was as serious as a heart attack, he willingly got out of bed, made coffee & joined me on the couch.
We thought that there was going to be a soccer game on this morning, but quickly realized that Brighthouse is a cheap cable provider and does not carry ESPN3. So, what to do? Of course, I get on the internet and start sifting through blogs. I came across what is currently my favorite blog, www.smittenkitchen.com and found a recipe for Apple & Cheddar Scones... Um, yes please?! (if you want the recipe, go to the website, she has really good directions on there..)
After mixing up all the ingredients and waiting for the scones to cook, I decided that I would edit some pictures so that I could update MY blog. So here are some pictures from Friday Sushi Night...

(Good food, GREAT friends)

(My Red Devil Roll- Spicy Tuna, Crab, Cream Cheese, Asparagus,
topped with Spicy Tuna, Wasabi Roe & Spicy Sauce)

(2 Friends were in town, Green shirt guy- Jonnie & White dress- Casey!)

(Me & my husband, Gabe)
-Married for almost 4 months!

Now for pictures of those YUMMY scones that we just ate!

(Kneading out the dough!)

(Scones before they went into the oven)

(Scones after the oven!!!)

(Final Product...)

(My food critic, he LOVED them!)


So there's a little update on Mrs.Grinder's life from the past few days.. Be prepared for another post soon, I've got to post pictures from the fall decorations I made ;)

I love being married!
God is love,

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