I’ve been reading some amazing blogs lately & coming up with so many great ideas of ways to decorate a house or apartment. I’ve been finding so many different ideas that I love, causing our apartment to be on decoration overload. Yesterday I took apart most of the house, just to put it back together again- but in a different way. I had been wanting to re-organize the bookshelf for quite some time & I think I finally got it right! (minus the fact that it’s so small.)
Besides the bookshelf, I’ve wanted to spray paint some candle stick holders, I know there’s an official name for them but can’t remember it, so I finally got around to that as well. They came out great, I love them & they look amazing in the bathroom. However, I was not that smart & painted them outside on the balcony while the wind was very strong. Besides my body turning dark grey, I managed to also give the ground a nice new coating. (I tried to scrub it off today, leading to me flooding the people under ours porch... I’m thinking of baking them some pumpkin brownies or scones to make up for it.)
Anyways, here are some pictures... The bookshelf is pretty much done for now- don’t think I could fit another thing on it. As for the candle sticks & sconces- I need to purchase some candles for them!





(Finished product!)

(These cost me $3.. Pretty good $3)

Pretty darn great for a Friday afternoon. Now off to watch a movie & eat dessert with some good friends.


  1. Omgoodness you are so creative...I love everything. You are inspiring me to decorate for Halloween and Fall. Love the bats, bookshelf and mice... Dawn

  2. Aw thank you so much! I just got a HUGE smile.. my FIRST comment hahahaha my friends rag on me for my blog, but this is so much fun! As I said before, I'm so jealous of your fleamarket/goodwill finds.. I'm going to go into a nicer town next weekend to check out their Goodwills.. I'm hoping to find something fabulous.