Beginners Luck?

Due to the rapid increase of free time that I'm experiencing right now, which is due to the rapid decrease of time spent at a job (or lack of job all together) I have been spending a lot of my free time browsing on the internet.

I'm sure that there are MANY more important things I could be spending my hours caught up in, however I've become slightly obsessed with all of the fun things you can find on the internet, including great recipes, home decorating ideas and inspirational fashion. I’ve actually started a whole new folder on my computer for all of the pictures of things I’ve found & want to replicate or print off & display around the house.

The thing that’s my favorite “new find” on the internet though? Blogs. I use to have an Xanga back in like 8th grade when they were popular, but those were mostly used to write about how much we hated our parents, what we were doing that weekend that would probably get us in trouble with the law or why we were depressed, which usually had a lot to do with the first two things I’ve listed, or the ever popular- why our boyfriend broke up with us & why they shouldn’t have. Straight drama those Xanga’s were... I actually remember looking back at mine about a year ago and just laughing at the way that the mind of a 14 year old girl works.

Well, I have resolved to make a blog that is going to be drama free. I want to make a blog that is similar to the way that my mind works, random, but yet organized and detailed. I want to have a place to be able to pull together all of the things that are inspiring me currently and put them on display, incase perhaps there’s a chance that they will be inspiring to someone else as well.

So be patient with me as I figure out my “blogging style”, that is, if anyone’s actually reading this. (I’ll probably send this to my mom & aunts, so that I can guarantee at least 5 readers each week. ) Also, if you have any comments, feel free to leave them.

Until next time folks!
God is Love.
- Mrs.Grinder

[This is my project for the day.. redo the bookcase. I wish I had A.) a bookcase this big & B.) this many colorful books, but I don't. So I'll just do the best I can. I don't think my husband is willing to make any more trips to Goodwill with me this week. ]

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