This weekend was the perfect definition of lazy. Friday night we went to a friend’s house, watched a movie & ate apple pie. Then on Saturday I spent the majority of the day at the baseball field, Gabe had a double header. He’s a closer, so that means he usually just pitches an inning or so. This means that I usually sit at the field for 6 hours to watch Gabe play for about 6 minutes. Makes sense, right? OH the things you do for love.

Due to the large amount of time spent in the baseball stands, the player’s girlfriends have all come together and became friends, which makes the hours upon hours spent there much, much better. This weekend with was just Shannon, Dolce & I, but Dolce kept us plenty entertained.

After Gabe’s games, we came home to watch more baseball. I have a hard time doing just one thing at a time, so we stopped by the store & got the proper fixings to make “Pumpkin Brownies”. So while Gabe sat on the couch & chilled, I slaved in the kitchen making these brownies.

(I didn't take a pic of the final
product because I was unimpressed.)

Two downfalls of the night, the brownies turned out just okay, and the Phillies lost. Double suckie. But the plus to the evening was that I got to read one of my favorite magazines & try to get some ideas of how I’m going to decorate this awkward bar-space that we have in the kitchen.

(excuse the dirty dishes on the counter..)

This morning I woke up & was sick. I have interstitial cystitis, which means my acid doesn’t get filtered out in my body & makes me sickie, so I missed my soccer game & spent most of the day out of it. Then I got the urge to make New England Clam Chowder, which was the best thing I cooked all weekend.

Now I’m going to spend more time digging through magazines & coming up for the perfect solution for this awkward space. Any suggestions are welcomed!!


  1. Hi there Mrs Grinder, your chowder looks amazing. Soup always makes you feel better. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage! xx

  2. The soup looks delish....I am so impressed. I was wondering, have you ever done Marilyn Monroe for Halloween? You could pull off Audrey but you may need a wig and they can be pricey for a good one. Let me know what you decide!!! Loving your blog....Dawn:D