Change of plans..

I had planned to wake up early this morning, go to the mall, spend the afternoon at Gabe's baseball game & then spend the evening doing nothing exciting. However, I currently have a headache that is putting quite the damper on all of my plans.

I have decided that it's the perfect time to give our little baby apartment some TLC and spruce it up a little bit. I will say that since I've been working, I have probably made a total of 3 craft projects.. and actually that might be pushing it. I'm ashamed of myself. But as any crafter knows, you have to have a clean house before you can start messing it up again. (or maybe that's just me.. ermmm.. =/ ... )

I always say that I'm going to clean up the apartment, but then I never do. So I've created an accountability system. I took some pictures of the complete chaos and I'm going to post them here, that way I'll be embarassed and have to post pictures of it nice & clean. =)

and sorry they look soo terrible, Picnik isn't working for me right now!!

off I go to clean. :) Have a GREAT Saturday yall. xox



  1. You are brave even though its not that bad. I like to say that it looks lived in. You have 40 followers now...great for you. How is your diet/exercise plan going? I am doing well but my weight is slowly coming off and I am consistently exercising...make it a priority...let me know if you need encouragement. I have to put a bathing suit on in May...I want to look half decent for goodness sakes...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes...

  2. Love, that you posted these pics! It doesn't look that bad, but I know how you feel as soon as I have a few things out of place. I feel like my place is a disaster. Your place looks very cute, look forward to seeing the after pics! xx veronika

  3. Are you still cleaning? I don't care if you post a pic of you holding your cat...post something my friend...I think we need to see a pic of you exercising or in a cute outfit with fabulous heels and a handbag....do it. Helloooooooooo....Dawn...