There is just something so PERFECT about every Sunday. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is the Lord's day (even though every day should be focusing on Him, eh?). It probably also has much to do with the fact that I play soccer on Sundays, which is my favorite sport (and my only source of working out for the moment being). Other various factors that contribute to Sunday being amazing would be the fact that Gabe & I spend most of the afternoon/evening side by side on the couch, he does homework and I blog (even though I have been doing more Call of Duty than blogging lately- sorry yall).

Also on Sundays, I come home take as long of a shower as the hot water will allow me to, deep condition my hair & put this Morrocan mud mask on my face. I absolutely love the way my face feels after the mask, but while it's on my face I actually start to produce tears. When I purchased it from the spa, I knew what I was in for- so I can't even complain really and even if I forgot, the label on the box that says "HOT" with a chili pepper on it was a dead give away.. But it just made my skin feel so good, I couldn't resist. The 2oz jar was worth evey single penny of the $49 I spent (thanks mom)!!

My relaxing set of mind was some what, how do you say.. THROWN TO THE DOGS, when I realized that tomorrow I will start the workout known as "INSANITY". It has, has, HAS to happen. My body needs it, but also so does my soul. Over the past year and a half, so many crazy things have happened, starting off with the death of my Nana, then getting engaged, finishing off my senior soccer season, graduating college, getting married, losing my Aunt, moving out of the house and getting my first official job! I don't want to sit here and act all "woe is me" because it's not like that at all. I just wanted to portray that things have been a LITTLE crazy lately, to say the least.

All of these factors have contributed to the fact that I have put on 30 lbs in a year. Does that really happen you ask? OH YES IT DOES- walking testimant right here. It started gradual, after soccer ended my body was just tired- tired of working hard, tired of hurting, getting out of bed in the morning shouldn't hurt this bad when you're 22, just shouldn't. Then with being married, it's easier and cheaper to start eating Mac-n-Cheese & pizza every meal. LONG story short, I now weigh 140lbs & I'm disgusted. I'm not saying that the 140 is a lot to weigh, but when you're 5 feet tall & you put that weight on in 365 days- that's an issue.

So moral of the story is, I'm starting the workout called INSANITY! and I'm going to need encouraging. Feel free to leave me comments on here or FB or via the telley, making sure i'm sticking to it. Because i'm pretty friggen sure that if I keep gaining weight at this rate I won't live past 30. My legs might actually just give out under me.

Okay, enough of my story telling. I just wanted to keep my bloggers updated on what's going on in my life- deeper than the crafts I'm coming up with (even those have been rare lately). Also this week, I'm limiting my Call of Duty playing to 3 games a day. I'm probably averaging 15 a day now and they average about 15 minutes each. That is also disgusting. No one gets skinny by playing video games. So lucky for all my followers, you'll be getting more posts!

I've tried to end this blog now, about 3 times. This is the real end. Lots of LOVE to all my bloggers. I hope that you're making some important life changes right now as well! We all have room to improve!


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  1. You are so special...I want you to look at my post when you get a chance...God sent you my way. I love this post...it is heartfelt and I enjoyed every word. I will encourage you...no problem. We can help each other get fit. Accountability....we owe it to ourselves to do this. I will check in with you later this week...Dawn XO