Super Saturday!

I am so happy that it is the weekend. I forgot to turn of my alarm for 6:45 this morning, so I got up & was SO happy to realize that it was SATURDAY! how perfect :) So Gabe & I ended up watching a movie, he went to baseball & then I fell back asleep. Now here I am, sitting on my sofa figuring out how to go about this beautiful day. I want to make some granola, chili & do some serious cleaning of the den. I have crafts & a plethora of "things" all over the room!

Before I get on with my list of things to do, I wanted to make a quick post- see I told you I was going to do better with blogging in 2011!

I wanted to show yall my cute new wallet!

it was originally $99, i got it for $20!
there were a few studs missing,
so I replaced them with circle ones

here's the inside,
lots of lots & pockets

here's what it's replacing,
i LOVE LOVE LOVE my juicy one,
however it was starting to really look dingy!

So there we have it folks, enjoy your beautiful saturday!


  1. You are really creative.. I love the new wallet!!! Have a super weekend darling! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes...

  2. Why don't you put some bling bling on your brown one too--double the fun?