Apparently this week was busier than I had previous thought it would be! Monday night the game went on FOREVER, so we were up way too late for our own good. Then the rest of the week we basically tried to play catch-up on our sleep, cleaning and other tasks for the week. The house is still not put back together, the couch that belongs in the den is still in the living room, the bowls & platters that the food was on have been cleaned, but still sit cozily on the counters and the laundry that was done on Tuesday is still sitting folded on the floor. Whoops!!

However, I will say that today looks very promising! We got up early, (I missed my soccer game due to a dance floor injury at the wedding last night), did a little bit of cleaning, went to church, grocery shopping, Gabe just made Eggs Benedict (my FAVORITE thing to eat) for lunch and I am about to embark on the task of "putting things away".

After that I have BIG cooking plans for the night, including Lasagna, Chili, Pea Pesto Crostini and HOT wings! Looking very much forward to it! Hopefully I'll be able to get some Call of Duty playing in before the night ends. I did some research on how to play COD properly and I will admit, I have turned into a COD FREAK! I love to play.. okay seriously- enough COD talk. I'm a nerd.

Also, I'd like to get a list going for my "2011 CRAFTS".. all the "real crafters" have already posted their lists & I have yet to make one. WHOOPS again!!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the wedding reception last night! Our friends Alysha and Derek got married last week in the Bahamas and they celebrated with all of their friends/family last night here in Lakeland! It was SO beautiful! Congrats yall!

me, gabe, neil, catherine!
can we all just drool at her hair real quick?

myself, Alysha! & Esther

Love you all! I'll be posting more frequently this week, I promise!!

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