$ale.time :)

Soooo, I had planned to write this blog a few days ago, but life has gotten the best of me the past few nights. I have been getting up at 6:30 for work and by time I get home, I’m ready to fall right asleep. I will admit that I have been spending SOME time playing Call Of Duty with Gabe, he just taught me and I think it’s so much fun. So with being tired from working and playing COD, I’ve had very limited spare time. I try to do productive things during that time such as reading or taking the occasional shower.
Anyways, on New Year’s Day, Gabe & I thought we’d start a new tradition by going out and looking for the BEST deals on Christmas decorations that we could possibly find. (This really isn’t why I did it, but it was easier to tell Gabe that we should start a tradition then actually to say to him that I just wanted to go shopping!)
We went over to Target and all of their Christmas decorations were 80% off, so you know I had to jump on that. Look at what I found!!
219 ornaments total, I did the math-
they were $0.11 EACH!
these cute little guys were only $1.25
these little bird ornaments were $0.25 each,
they would be adorable on gifts!
these little felt bags were also $0.25 each,
perfect to put little gifts in
this little guy was $2, it will look great with
the right candles & some berries to spruice it up!

i just ADORE these wrapping papers,
oh just $1.25 each, no big deal!
this stack of BEAUTIFUL ribbons
was priced down from $15 to $3
i also bought 2 packs of these ornaments for $1.25 each

Overall I'd like to say that I did a very good job, we have gotten probably half of the balls that we'll need for the tree next year. I'm planning on adding a new tree or two to the mix. A silver and black one, with MAYBE some red, and then a brown and gold one. We'll see what I can squeeze out of Gabe & what else I can find on sale over the next few weeks.
I went to a new work out class today that Geico was offering, so I do smell a bit. I think i'll HAVE TO take a shower tonight. Even though my bed & Sugar&Spice by Lauren.Conrad is calling my name. Then it will be back at it tomorrow morning!
I love you all & thank you so much for following me. Xox


  1. Wow, you did great with the Christmas sales...your items are sooo pretty...plus I know you will make them look even better during your craft fest next season. Timmy is getting so big...he cries when I leave the room because he thinks I am his mother. I love him so much especially when I think about him being out in the freezing cold his first 4 weeks of life. God is so good to have led me to him. I see you are a working woman now and it is tiring isn't it??? I wish I could stay home alllll day! I am getting too old for this work stuff...it's taking up my blogging time...Talk soon.Dawn XX

  2. I love the after Christmas sales - I've never paid full price for ornaments, wrapping paper or bows! I go to Boscov's each year and snap up some of their gorgeous Christmas balls. They charge $8.99 regular price - I paid $1.25! Now we're talking!

    Thanks for the follow!!

    Because sometimes, it's just funny