hehe.. whoops!

Looks like I did it again! I spent another week away from my beloved blog. What's wrong with me?! I just get so tired from working that at the end of the day I come home, eat dinner & sleep!! I promise I will be better this week!
I had an amazing weekend, pictures to come later. Friday I worked until 8, Saturday laid out with my girlies & then went on a double date with Tiffany, Evan & my amazing husband. Then today I saw Gabe off & spent the afternoon shopping with Becky in Tampa!

I bought some really cute things today at the mall, but didn't find AMAZING things like I was hoping for. However, i'm not really sure what the amazing things were suppose to be. Maybe I should post some pics of what I got, I think that's a great idea. Later. hahah I SUCK AT THIS!

Anyways, Sex in the City is on right now, i'm inlove with her hair.
see below.

it's so funny, because about 6 months ago, this was my inspiration:

which resulted in:

causing me to miss this:

now i'm in the between stages of growing my hair out, i'm SO impatient but that's okay! it will grow eventually!

off i go to be productive.



  1. love it!!!
    this style is super....=D
    you´re great


  2. You are so gorgeous....Love you with long hair... but short hair suits you as well. Post the new clothing...ok? Dawnxo

  3. well, we had a virtual date and didn't even know it bc i just happened to be watching SATC yesterday at the same time and it inspired my post today:


    but mainly, i am in with with SJP or Miss Bradshaw too and I couldn't quite find the dresses or anything that would come close to the fashion inspiration from this movie.

    happy monday!