who hasn't blogged in a week? this kid.

I guess I owe an apology to anyone who still reads my little bloggie. I have had a crazy week, Gabe had 2 games every night & I had work every day, so I worked out, went to his games & came home STRAIGHT to sleep. The week was gone before I knew it started!

Anyways, Gabe is gone for the weekend and it makes me sad. I'm sitting home alone on a Friday night after just working 12 hours straight. LIVING THE DREAM BABY! I'm just being sarcastic. I'm going to watch some television and hit the sack tonight & I'm okay with it!

Tomorrow I want to get my nails done & finish decorating the house for spring. Let me show you some of my inspiration!

check back for updates soon, i'll be better- promise!



  1. Hi girl...life is so busy isn't it? Where does the time go? I have mama cat here waiting to have kitty cats. Timothy is getting sooo big and bad...I love him. You must be loving your job if you are working so much. I am resigning my position at Children's hosp soon. Gonna get a new job and be happier. God is good. How about all the devastation in Japan I am going to donate some money and pray for the people and animals. Have a great weekend and I love your inspiration for Spring decorating...Dawnxo

  2. I LOVE the second room there, so so pretty. I wish my living room looked like that! Good luck with the busy schedule x


  3. I LOVE the pink chairs in the first pic & the second room is gorgeous too :-)

  4. I Teressa, I have your belt and other surprises all packaged and ready to go. I promise to send it this week. Hope all is well. How is the Spring decorating going? I know you were glad to see your 43 become a 44. yay!! Dawn xoxoxo

  5. That was supposed to say Hi Teressa...not I Teressa....whoops...lol. Dawnxo

  6. Hi got your message and the package is in the mail. I have been finding so much good stuff. I think it is God trying to tell me something like start your own business with the things I let you find...what do you think. You will have your package on Saturday!!!! Thank you for your sweet words...Dawnxoxo
    riesling is my favorite wine by the way, a girl after my own heart you are!!!