it's a love story..

For quite some time I've been wanting to make a post about the guy who has changed my life SO dramatically in the past 3 years, my husband- Gabe.

Gabe & I met my junior year of college, his sophomore. He was a transfer from a public school in PA & on the baseball team & I was a new player for the soccer team. Due to some prior injuries, both of us spent a lot of time in the training room.

We began talking and hanging out, but I was not in the right frame of mind to have a serious boyfriend, I had my great girlfriends & I was just enjoying playing soccer & having fun. We were together off and on for the first fall semester, then we broke up around Thanksgiving. During Christmas break we began talking again & had plans to get back together when we returned to school in the spring, but plans changed.

When we got back to Southeastern in January, we decided to be done. Like, forever done. He saw other people, as did I. I knew that he was upset at me, but I just couldn't settle down and get serious, I wasn't ready. One day I was going to the mall with some friends & one of my girlfriends asked said something along the lines of how she thought I was going to marry Gabe & I can remember sitting in the backseat of the car & my eyes starting watering because I wanted to marry him.

I ignored my feelings for another week or so & on a Sunday the athletic teams were together doing some community service, both Gabe & I had signed up to work the camp & seeing him made me sick to my stomach because I knew that we were not at a good place with each other. I text him after the camp & asked him to come over to my room so we could talk. Later that night we went to a Worship service at school & the theme was "Forgiveness". I swear- you can't write this stuff. Gabe & I officially forgave each other that night & decided that we wanted to start over.

We dated for another year & on October 31st, 2009 Gabe proposed to me on the side of the road!

I will never say that our relationship has been easy, because it hasn't. There hasn't been a week pass by that I don't feel like giving up. But I've finally realized that love, true love, means pushing through those feelings and on towards the goal of being happy with a person. I'm not advocating that anyone stays in a relationship that is abusive or anything like that, but love means dealing with it and moving on.

Just a few weeks ago, Gabe's friend Taylor was visiting in town & had Gabe record a video on the roll that Taylor played in his life. I watched the video and started to cry. Click here! to see Gabe's video.

I am so, so, so GRATEFUL for God & His amazing love for us. Gabe & I are a walking testimony to how great God is & how he can turn something so terrible into something amazing.


Be blessed yall!
i'll be back for more soon,
the gym is calling my name.

oh ya, guess who lost 3lbs?



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  1. How many times did you watch that? I loved it so much and am really blessed to know you. What a wonderful love story Teressa. I am so happy for you both to have found each other thru God and Forgiveness. Lots of love, Dawnxoxo I can see why you cried....