I feel like I'm writing a special post or something today, because I'm writing from Grinder's computer, my poor little baby isn't doing very well.. Gabe is gone for the night at a baseball game, so i'll be spending my time updating my blog & cleaning around the house.

I spent the past few days feeling sick, I actually stayed home yesterday for the entire day, I literally probably left my bed all of 3 times, to get more medicine or go to the bathroom. The DR across the street hooked me up with some great meds to take care of my bronchitus, sinus infection and ear infections and now I'm feeling much, much better.

This post is going to be lacking of pictures of any kind, because I have all of the ones I love saved on my computer! So I do apologize for the lack of content in this post, I mainly did it to keep myself in the swing of updating, so I had good intentions ;)

Anyways, off I go to be creative! I'll post later with my updates.



  1. I hope you feel better soon! Thinking of you x


  2. Oh Mrs. Grinder...I am sorry that you don't feel well. I want you to email me your address. I want to sent something your way. d_flexe@yahoo.com Just a little something. If you want mine too just so that we have each other's let me know. feel better soon darling. Dawn xo