over due.. again.

looks like i've done it again, gone almost a week without blogging. whoops!

i've started my new schedule at work, W-F 11-930 & Saturday 8-630.
yes, you read that right. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday = OFF.

So I went straight to work yesterday morning when I woke up at 6:45, yes on my day off. I started cleaing out the closet, re-decorating for spring and a few new projects. This means that my house has turned into a HUGE disaster zone. whoops! - again.

Gabe & I spent yesterday at Church, soccer & then doing varous things around the house & pretty much the same for today. We went grocery shoopping & saved some big bucks. For any of yall who haven't gone to WinnDixie yet, try it. We spent $52 & saved $45. Come on- YOU CANT BEAT THAT!  I will take shopping in a store that has dim lights & sorta creepy people lurking. For me, $45 savings is just worth it. Maybe when i'm making millions it wont be, but until the day WinnDixie is where I'll be found.

Yesterday was also great because I got a package from my friend Dawn, I won her give away! I'll do a post on that later, I'm LOVING it Dawn! Thank you SO very much!!!

As I sit here in my disaster of a house, I'm realizing two colors apparently are inspiring me this spring.

pink & yellow.. so bright & colorful for spring..
be sure to check back for more deets on how it all turns out!


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