my dear bloggers, please forgive me for my lack of posting.. I know I'm terrible! Dawn, if you're still out there- I'M SORRY!!! Yall, I have been so busy with doing who knows what. I think what it is that at the end of the day I am so tired because my "insanity" work out is literally INSANE. I come home, we eat dinner & I just sit like a lump until it's bed time. I am going to work my best to be better. I promise that. Starting NOW.

I can FINALLY post the Christmas gifts that I made this year, because they've finally all been given out!

When we moved to FL, I had a really hard time finding magnets that were cute, so you'll probably remember when I made my own magnets. Welp, my mom loved them & she said that she wanted some. That made me think that most people would probably like some magnets that were prettier than big bulky circles.

Here are a few pictures of the steps to making the magnets!

also, apparently I didn't take many pictures of the project. Sorry about that folks, but you understand the process. Lots of picture printing, picture cutting, picture gluing and then tada. To everyone who received these, I'm sorry that they were not very straight lines. After I finished the project, I realized that a paper cutter would have made it much, much easier. (Consider the problem solved for next time)

Anyways, Gabe's gone for the weekend and I have a long list of things to finish before Tiffany and Kristina come over for the evening. Much love to all of you bloggers. Stick with me, some day i'll get good at this- PROMISE!


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  1. Hey girl! I was told to check out your blog, i heard your husband plays in FL! my boyfriend plays minor league for Phillies!