it's that time..

I saw this post the other day & the friggen little brown devils have been on my mind ever since. Now i'll say that I'm pretty good at saying no to sweets most of the time- I'd rather eat salty foods. But about once a month I have a few days where I just can't say no- if you're getting where i'm going with this. I don't know why, but I just can't even seem to resist.

So, needless to say, you can bet they are sitting on my counter at this very moment. UH-MAZING. I have a few bones to pick with the receipe, such as before they were baked, they tasted JUST like the cookies. However, once we baked them- the peppermint baked RIGHT out. OH NO! But Gabe saved the day & came up with the idea that we just put the peppermint extract in the chocolate that we dipped the cookies in! BINGO, back to amazing.

I mean, how can you even think about resisting? I think i'll skip dinner & just have a cookie or ten.




  1. Yuuum!!! I'm almost drooling ;)

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  3. Mail me some brownie cookies please.lol They look so good but luckily I just ate dinner. How is your exercise and diet plan going?? Keep me posted on your progress. You have to treat yourself now and then. Glad to see you baking again. Dawn xo

  4. Sooo wanted to give these a whirl. I was thinking of trying to master gluten-free girl scout cookies and then sell them so I'd be RICHHH!!!! Whaddayasay? LOL

    You're a trooper for trying these!

  5. Seriously drooling right now...especially since I have up sweets for lent! Ahhhh :-)