My husband is very good at a lot of things.. Baseball, making smoothies, taking very good care of me, you get the picture. One of the things my dear Gabey has never been good at is the element of suprise. I won't say that it's because of his lack of ability to surprise, but more of his lack of ability to say no to me. If I ask him what he's hiding from me, he's not very good at keeping it a secret. (Also, I'm not very good at not prying information from his brain.)

Anyways, a few weeks ago we were getting my car fixed & we went over to the mall while we were waiting. We started looking at jewelry stores just to see what was out there when it came to wedding sets. Gabe got me a beautiful engagement ring & then a wedding band that I LOVE, but they don't go together & I haven't been able to wear either due to various reasons.

We found the PERFECT ring, something that I had been wanting since we before we got engaged & I was looooving it. We purchased the ring but I told him that I wanted it to be a surprise when he was going to give it to me. (for our engagement I was surprised on how he did it, but i knew it was coming!)

Anyways, long story short- if that's even an option at this point, this is what I came home to last night:

&when I turned around, I was given this:

um, THANK YOU! it made me so happy & all day I kept looking down at my finger, just making sure it was still there. Yes, I do understand this picture stinks, I apologize about that. I'll get a picture that's better as soon as I remember!

That's it for now! Gabe & I are catching up on "The Event", we are OBSESSED with the show & we're watching all the episodes on Hulu!

Side note: 50 followers! That means give-away soon.. I'll post more deets soon.



  1. Ahhhh... that ring is GORG!!! Congrats :D

    Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment! I'm now your 51st follower!!!!!


  2. Darling Teressa, this is a beautiful post...such a romantic couple with deep love and respect for one another. That ring is gorgeous...now I have to bug my husband...don't I? Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxoxo PS thank goodness those nails were done...lol