This weekend I pulled of the biggest surprise in the history of my mothers life. It was her birthday on the 2nd, so my dad flew me home for the night & my sister & I drove to NY to meet the family for birthday dinner! My mom's face was PRICELESS when she saw me there. It made me so happy to be there, and very sad to leave.

We ate at a great Italian place & then Justine & I drove back to my parents house for the night, since my parents were flying out of Newark in the morning to go to here:

the four.seasons. in Mexico.
totally jealous, but they deserve it.

Spending the night at the house without the dogs & my family was weird, but another factor contributing to the awkward feeling was the fact that the house is on the market. So not only was everything in PERFECT order, but we had strict instructions not to leave a trace of our presence. You can see the house here, feel free to purchase it as well.

I'll post some pics later, I forgot my camera here- IDIOT! So I have to wait to get them from my sister! I'm working tomorrow to make up for my day off Saturday, can't say i'm overly thrilled about that- however gotta make that money!

Speaking of money, Gabe & I sat down & made a REAL budget tonight. I'm so excited to stick to it because we have it set up so that we are putting away a good amount of money each paycheck. Saving up for something special..

hehe perfect, ya?

The guy at the store laughed at us when I told him we already did the big part, getting married & that my ring just wasn't up to par. The perfect 1 year anniversary gift? I think so.

Off I go to rest my head. Wanted to give a shout out to my Aunt TC who let me know that she checks this every night!! LOVE YA!


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  1. Hi Girl..sounds so exciting that you surprised your mom...you are a wonderful daughter I am sure. I checked out that house and MAN!!! Did you live there as a kid...holy cow! That house is beautiful. Have a great work week and good plan to start a budget...lots of love, Dawn xo