Consider Spring.. SPRUNG!

Well hello there! I don't know about where you live, but it seems like Florida went straight from Winter, if that's what you want to call it here, and went STRAIGHT to Summer. I'm not complaining except for the fact that I haven't had enough time to decorate for spring and I'm already feeling like it's time for summer decorations.

I have had the TV stand done like this for a few weeks now, but I have just forgotten to post about the decorations. Silly me ;) and why these pictures refuse to load the correct way is BEYOND me. I'll deal with it for now.

pretty flowers, loving the yellow/pink combo this spring!

this picture looks silly, but it looks good in real life..

old books, flowers & candles- can you go wrong?

i love this candle holder,
& actually i'm okay with the white candles in it as well

the view from the couch, so bright & i'm loving it.

so that's that for now. i'm at 46 followers.. need 4 more & i'm going to do a giveaway, but i'm not saying what it is until someone wins it. that will add to the greatness of it. (&also because I haven't figured it out yet.)

I'm going to be crafty this weekend, it's official. I'm tired of just bookmarking great ideas & never doing them. time to cross some things of the list.


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  1. Love all of the flowers. My goal for the week is to brighten up my home with some too. So lovely. Lovin those pics ...and your blog! New follower:)