I think I have come a little too close to a spray paint high over the past few days
& here's the reason why!

got this little guy from GW, he use to be black.
everyone looked at me like i was crazy when i was toting him up to the register
even the lady who worked there said- you're gunna pay $20 for this?
i smiled & said yep!

some bottles that i turned into my own milk glass,
take empty bottles, white puff paint a design & then spray away!
vase $1- Dollar store
candle stick $1- Dollar store
See below for my new creation!!

this little beauty is now filled with pink flowers,
pictures to come soon.
I'm so happy with what i've created lately. I have to set up my new green/white bar & then finish my lamp! More pictures to come soon.



  1. OH.MY.GOSH! Are you kidding me!?! Those are freaking AWESOME!!! You are so talented! If I tried that with puffy paint it would be a disaster. *INTERNET HIGH FIVE!* Love the color of spray paint...what's it called?

  2. I love the horse head...it is awesome. Where will he live? Love the color...very chic. Wow I love it all. I agree with Natalie,,,internet high five. Can't wait to see the pink flowers in the vase. Hey also, will you join us next monday in the Inspiration Monday...come on. Take the photo on Sunday and post it Monday...go to www.twobirdsboutique.blogspot.com and join in the fun...lots of love Dawnxo

  3. Wow. Those look great! Spray paint is my best friend!