I told yall I'm going to do better! Here I am, I think it's 2 times in a week. GO ME! ;)

This week has gone by so quickly! Can't believe Wednesday is already over!
Yesterday was Gabe's SENIOR game.. here's a pic

marissa/josh, me/gabe, lil/kevin, shannon/hector, sam/tyler, kyndra/kyle

It's weird to think that baseball season is almost over, but I have been a very bad wifey this season. I've some how managed to sqeek by with making it only to about 5 games, zero puff paint shirts & I think MAYBE 3 pictures snapped of Gabe in action. Whoops! Working really takes away from my free time ya know!

Besides baseball & work, this week I have been making a few projects. I feel like I'm always saying that & never showing them.. that's probably true. I just realize I never put up spring decorations, I'll do that soon!

Ready for bed, gotta get up early, go to the gym, the nail salon & then working!! Keep up your faith in me, I think when I get to 50 followers I should do a giveaway.. everyone seems to like people who doe those.




  1. Great photo darling...can't wait to see your crafts. It must be nice to be as tan as you are. I have faith in you don't worrry. Dawn xoxo

  2. thanks for your sweet comment dear :) baseball looks so cool. pity that it's not bigger here in australia x