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Dear Bloggers,
It’s official, I feel like a wife. I get up way too early, go to work, come home & do whatever & I’m pooped out before 10. I’ve never been someone to crawl between the sheets before 12am, so this whole new, being tired thing is throwing me off!
A quick fill in on my week, not that anyone cares, but it’s a bit therapeutic, so deal with me. This week was my FIRST week in my first real job and it has been great so far. I am really loving Geico and all of the benefits they offer, the great work atmosphere and the awesome people that I’m training with.  Today was my first day of license training and there are few more days of that and then I have to pass the test & off I go to learn how to be a service person!
Now, moving on. As for the apartment, Gabe has been taking over the “chores” if that’ what you want to call them. I think he has dusted & vacuumed so far this week.. Apparently dusting is very time consuming ;)
The decorations have been put on quite the hold, the counter is literally half-way decorated, with gaping holes where I have planned for things to go, that I have yet to make. I re-did our tv stand, I took down the gaughty silver garland that I put up, I thought I was going to love it, but I just didn’t. I tried really, really hard to, I even left it there for several days, but I wasn’t happy. I’ll post a picture of the “re-do” in the blog to follow, my camera is in my car & it’s literally 30 out. (No thanks!)
I figured I would post a few blogs on here to keep everyone occupied while I’m busying being MIA. I would also like to throw in that I am sick as well, so not only am I the loud girl in the Geico classes, I’m also the loud girl who sniffles and coughs the whole time.
Ok, enough rambling.. here are the blogs!
ok, also i would like to state that i read so many more blogs then this, so if you're not on there, don't be offended.. these are the ones that have been inpsiring me lately. to be honest, i dont really know who posts what, except for cupcakesandcashmere because i adore her blog and i'd be here if i could, i think.
ok, off i go to attempt to sleep through the night and not choke on my own mucus. gross, i know.. but really true. :/ 

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