I will say that having computer issues would come up high across my list of things that I do not like, closely followed by people who are annoying and also being hungry. Anyways, this morning I was in the middle of a blog and my computer froze up and caused the blog that I was writing to be lost in the land of no return. Story of my life.
But anyways, it was something along the lines of how I went to Home Depot the other day to grab something to finish up a gift, and I got completely side tracked when the man selling Christmas trees gave me the extra branches for free. Um, YES PLEASE?!
So, here are some pictures of what I made with some branches and some extra ornaments I had lying around, hope you like it all!
i tried to shape it into a Christmas tree

added about 30 ornaments :)

how adorable are these, Michaels- $3

Red ornaments- $1 for 15
silver ornaments- $.60 for 12

i added this one JUST for Gabey!

add some berries!

then i made these little guys,
the vases are from the wedding!

some pine needles in a bowl with ornaments and pine cones!

i took an old candle jar and added branches & berries.

I'd like to think that I made some cute decorations, literall for free! What do you think?! I love the Holidays! Stop back for more updates soon! Love yall!


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