It has been far too long since I have updated, sorry about that. I'm sure that no one has noticed, but I'm going to pretend like EVERYONE is desperate for me to post. ;)

We left on Tuesday right after work to go to Utah to join my mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend and then a few days later my Uncle Pat and his son Spencer. I had the best time ever with my family, the trip flew by because we were always doing something or having something, or someone to laugh at. Way too fast, not enough time to spend with your best friend (my mom) but that's the beauty of life, you have to enjoy what you have and what you can get.

Wednesday my mom, sister & I spent the day at the spa, many thanks to our friends who gifted us that. Wednesday night went to a cookie decorating party, SO much fun!
seriously, so magical

our beautiful Cabin for the week of festivities

view driving down the mountain

on Christmas Eve we went on a sleigh ride through the woods. AMAZING!
myself, Gabe, Dad, Spencer

waiting for the sleigh ride,
me & my mama!

gabey & I all bundled up!

these horses were the biggest i have ever seen

Grinder & Pieces,
infront of the tree

Christmas Eve,
we're both lumber jacks & I look like a boy!

trees outside the window!

just kidding, Christmas Morning!

they look like little kids :)

our fortress, it was suppose to be as high
as the silver poll, this is the highest we got!

Rich, Uncle Pat, Dad, Spencer, Gabe.
"Santa's Elves"

what our kitchen table at home ended up looking like,
we didn't eat here once because we weren't home!

-Sometimes I can't stand this thing, it has a mind of it's own! That's all for now because it's not letting me do what i want to on here. One of my new "goals" (not resolutions) of 2011 is not to get frustrated as easily. So i'm using the skill of avodiance in this instance.
Have an amazing night everyone, love to all.


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  1. I have missed you...your trip looked amazing and I know you feel blessed to have gone to Utah. Your photos are beautiful and you look beautiful.....Did you see my new kitty? I love him...just trying to get my other two cats to love him...pray for me about this please...it's been tough. Happy New Year....by the way...how is work? Dawn Suitcase Vignettes XXX