Tonight’s plans didn’t go as I thought it was going to be and I now find myself sitting in a house full of guys watching Modern Family instead of in a dorm room full of girls talking about anything and everything. But you know, I’m not complaining. This gives me the perfect time to work on my Christmas gifts and write another blog! WOOHOO!
Okay, so we have had a few people over to the house over the course of the week and I have given them some of the cookies that I made this weekend and they have absolutely loved them, which makes me happy for 2 reasons. 1) they took literally 4 hours to make and 2) it always feels good to get compliments.
So here’s your task, make these cookies. THEY ARE SO GOOD! The recipe is Martha Stuart, but I was on cupcakes&cashmere and hers looked too good to pass up! I’m going to do a large amount of encouraging here because once you read the directions, you’re going to be discouraged. But seriously, PERSEVERE! It will be worth every second you spend doing monotonous tasks in the kitchen. They are perfect to bring to a Holiday party or give as a gift because the recipe says it yields 6 dozen. We made ours bigger than Martha calls for, so we got about 2 ½ dozen.
Okay, so I’ll stop talking and just show the picture, it does enough justice.
this is how many my batch made.

Okee, anyways.. I also just wanted to say that today is a GLORIOUS day because I got my license to sell insurance in the state of FLORIDA!! so yay for me, all that class work and studying paid off! Be good everyone, come back soon for more!


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  1. Your cookies look delish!!! How is the job? It will be nice to have some green in your hand for xmas. Off to NYC this weekend. I will get some good pics. Have a great one and relax working woman....Dawnxx