I can’t believe Christmas is THIS WEEK! I have spent the entire day wrapping gifts and taking care of other various Christmas related things, (such as purchasing the gifts, nothing like waiting until the last minute!)
This weekend was amazing, Friday Gabe & I went out to dinner, came back and curled up in bed to watch You, Me & Dupree and fell asleep by 9pm. Saturday we woke up early, went to a graduation party for my beautiful friend Becky, came back, cooked some food and did some stuff around the apartment. Then we went over to a “moving party” for two of our wonderful friends who are moving back to North Carolina. Allison and Rob are such great people and I’m going to miss having them this close, but I know that without a doubt they will be in my life forever. After their house, we went over to Bart & Nikki’s house and played some amazing games and spent some quality time with them and 2 of Bart’s friends from high school. I have to say, Pictionary is brought to a whole new level when you are drawing on a little white body.
This morning we got up nice & early, went to a beautiful Church service, ran a million errands and here we are back at home, wrapping, cleaning and finishing up some last minute “DIY” gifts. I’m totally tired, but it’s worth every second of it!
I figured since Christmas is so close, I should post some pictures of the apartment all spruced up for the wonderful season of Christmas.
tissue paper trees.

hated making them, absolutely adore them.

our little winter wonderland bar setup!

kitchen view, LOVE it!

i'm really bad at taking pictures,
but i think it's really cute :)

our "peace" tree

our "big"tree..
a whooping 4.5 feet lol

i added ornemanets for me & gabey!

Alright bloggers, that's it.. I have to go write out the Christmas cards. Yes, I do realize how late it is to be doing this.. but better late than never. And for the books, we purchased them in November. Also for the books, in about 2 weeks- i'm going to write them for next year.

Lots of love bloggers. Incase i'm MIA the next week or so, I'm in Utah- not dead. We are leaving Tuesday morning and we'll be there until the 26th. Lots of love, be good.


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