Christmas Chaos.

Well it’s been about a week since I have updated, and now I am just so frustrated with blogspot because all of my blogs are missing from my “reader” which lets me know when all of the people I “follow” have updated their blogs. I had a huge heart failure for about 5 minutes because I thought that all my blogs were gone,  but I’ve now realized they are still there- just not in the proper place. So I guess life can now go on again.
I really have been meaning to update my blog every day for the past week, but I just get discouraged because the apartment is a MESS. Pictures below prove it. I have been doing lots of crafting, decorating, redecorating and so forth and so on, I feel that I’ve been very productive the past few days, but the apartment doesn’t really show it.
Yesterday afternoon Gabe left for baseball and I told myself that I was going to get the house cleaned up and decorated while he was gone. That didn’t work because I found myself eating an entire bowl of “Grilled Cheese Mac-n-Cheese” and talking on the phone with my mom. While we were in Pittsburg visiting family I didn’t have much time to keep up with her, so it was nice to actually talk! So while Gabe was gone, I just picked up the living room and placed a few more decorations in their permanent home.
So enough of my chatting, here is my proof that Christmas has actually vomited in Apartment #210.

the den has turned into the room where all the "stuff" goes,
gotta clean that up, Emily's coming this weekend &
she's suppose to sleep SOMEWHERE in there ;)

See, I seriously wasn't kidding. I had placed a few things in the perfect spot, but for the most part things are just floating from place to place. Then today I made the kitchen table (LOVE the 3rd one by the way) and it seemed to make everything look so much better. So here are some new pics of what I've done today..
we filled this jar with Peppermint Bark from William Sonoma..
basically Christmas in a jar

we had to buy an additional tree for my PEACE tree..
all of these ornaments either say peace or are a peace sign.
obsessed much?
here's the kitchen table, not done all the way
& yes i'm aware i'm missing a chair,
the cat likes to sit on it & watch people outside.
i've tried billions of times to rotate this picture correctly,
wont work.
ornament- $1
glitter- $4.99 (used for billions of projects tho)

this looks a little chaotic in the picture,
but in real life i like it.. i think.

Well, you know that's going to be it for the night. i'm upset at blogspot right now and my computer is running slow when it comes to adding pictures. oh, also my "w" key is not working properly, so i have to POUND on the keys every time i want to use the stupid letter w, which i'm learning is rather frequently.

be back tomorrow with more updates. be patient with me loves.
OH ALSO, i wanted to say thank you to everyone who openly admits that they stalk my blog, it really is flattering and makes me so happy that i do this.. i love getting fb comments or messages saying that people read my blog.


  1. I think most of us have Christmas stuff all over right now...blog when you want to, we'll still be here!

  2. Hi Girl, missed ya!! Hope you had a great getaway. Love the garland you made and the little trees on the counter. I just bought a few of those mini trees in hot pink!!! Don't get frustrated we all have love hate relationships with blogspot...and our blogs. Your followers are still checking in with ya!! Drop in and say hello...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes