Muggy Monday!

Today has been a good day, nothing to complain about! I worked and then after work completed the fitness test that started WEEK 3 of my INSANITY workout! I can't believe I'm in it this far, I'm really, really proud of myself.

Gabe was suppose to have his first game tonight, however it got rained out. That means he is working in the gym tonight & I'm home! I spent some time catching up with some friends, eating dinner & I took a long shower, complete with Hungarian face mask & deep conditioning of my hair. PRAISE GOD for nights like this. I have every single intention of writing this blog and then painting my little fingers & toes.

Before I go on to continue to embrace this wonderful evening, I'm going to leave you with some inspirational pictures! I hope that you all have an amazing evening! Come back soon for more!



  1. Hi, I want you to check out Choose to be Happy blog. I told her about you because her boyfriend plays baseball too. Love the pics...have fun pampering. Dawn Xo

  2. i bet we have so much in common! But this entry is so adorable.. so many good ideas i might need to steal for my bedroom!

  3. I love your blog! We definitely have similar taste in decor. I'm following you now and hopefully you'll follow back! x

    hope to see you around, and keep up the adorable blogging