This week was literally the busiest we've been since our wedding day. Monday, Gabe worked all night, Tuesday he had his first home game, Wednesday we went out to eat with his friend/mentor Taylor who was visiting, Thursday we went out to eat with his parents who were visiting, Gabe had another game Friday & we went out to dinner after that as well. Then yesterday he had two games, then we went to Red Lobster- SO GOOD! Today we went to Church, soccer, lunch & here we are now.

I can not imagine our house being able to be messier or my life being any bit more of whirl-wind, but I'm okay with it. I managed to get over to the nail salon on Friday after work, I was THE only white girl there most of the time, but I got a cute set of pink&white nails & some BRIGHT orange toes to remind me of spring!

Anyways, I've got laundry to do, food to cook & a house to clean. So I thought I'd leave some images of rooms that remind me of LOVE. (because after all, tomorrow is VALENTINES DAY!) duhhh!!


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