I'm finding myself extremely stressed out these days and I'm not sure why. Actually, now that I think about it, that's not true, I'm just finding myself stressed out today and I know just why. Coming home to a messy house is probably one of the most frusturating situations I could imagine. I hate clutter and mess, so after working all day that's the last thing I want to be welcomed home with.

But apparently, life happens. The days are gone before we know it, quickly consumed with work, exercising, baseball games, homework and other various activities that seem to gobble up every single minute. Then when there is a spare minute in the day, it seems to quickly be stolen by another random task that I've put off til the last minute.

I had planned to come home today after my work/workout, run by the nail salon and then go over to Gabe's second baseball game of the week but I'm thinking that things are going to change. I'm seeing a night of a long hot shower, followed by cleaning and organizing of the house- because no one likes a stressed out Teressa.

In the mean time i'll leave you with these few images that are going to make everything seem okay until the mess has been cleaned.



  1. I am the same way! The week I was moving into my house I was freaking out because nothing was organized and the mess was just towering over me. Good luck getting organized and don't forget to take a few minutes for yourself x


  2. i know how you feel girl! nothing a glass of wine (or bottle) can't fix!... hehe

  3. I hear ya! I am in bed with a back that feels broken...too much stress at times. Pray! Lots of love...dawnxo