Soooo, about 2 summers ago I came up with a friggen grat idea & i'm really proud of it. I'm not sure what my inspiration was other than being tired of transporting my jewelry from college to home, back to college, just to find that it always displayed better at home. When you're in college you're always lacking space for the important things, like earrings! So this is what I came up with to solve that problem!

the quality of the picture sucks & i apologize for that!

(yes, i know it's sideways & apparently there's nothing i can do about it..
just go ahead & turn your head to the side!)

This is how you would make it! SOOO easy, look!

all the things you'll need:
picture frame, with no glass
hook & eye's
string- i used cooking twine
hammer & skizzo's

add the "eyes" by just twisting them into place,
the wood on this frame was softer, so they went in pretty easily

tie the twine across the frame,
once you have the twine tied on, give the hooks a few more twists,
then you can put some glue around the knots if you'd like for extra support

"ta-da" there you have it!
the pictures stink & again i'm sorry about that.
not a photographer, just a crafter.

here are some other pictures of my jewelry area at home!

necklaces, again- sorry for the sideways picture.
i'm not sure why some are loading that way!

remember this from a few weeks ago?
still LOVING it, hangs the long, chunky necklaces very well :)

my oh so serious glasses collection.

there's another AMAZING sideways shot of my jewelry table!

i'm so confused as to why only SOME of my pictures are loading sideways, this isn't the first time it's happened, but i'm not sure how to fix it! maybe my blog is mad that i dont update enough. regardless, there you have it folks. i've decided that these are the best gifts for girls living in dorms or apartments, because they're so cute & save SOOO much space.

i've been creating some great decorations for my cubical at work, i'll post pictures when all the little goodies are done. you're going to be amazed at this friggen picture board i made, i'm literally drooling over it.

xox yall, have a great day.


  1. I love it. I made one too about a year ago but I did not blog then so the only people that saw my diy was facebook friends cause ya know I had to show it somewhere. Mine is different because I just hammered nails all along the top and hung necklaces on each nail. Same concept...but yours is more efficient. You are doing the next remix with me...or else. love ya, Dawnxo

  2. this is such a cute idea. I am without a doubt copying it :)